Feb 23, 2021
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Where did the “South African version” of covid come from, and where is the competition from pharmaceutical giants leading to?

The events in South Africa in recent weeks have their own background. There is reason to believe that what is happening now on a global scale (instilling ideas about the “pandemic” of the coronavirus) was initially practiced in this country.

In the 1990s, a panic was raised around the world around the AIDS “pandemic”, allegedly caused by the immunodeficiency virus. The whole world was engulfed in panic, then it quietly faded away. Everywhere except for one country – South Africa. This state has become a testing ground for pharmaceutical multinational corporations. TNCs broke the resistance of the then President T. Mbeki, who expressed doubts about the fact that immunodeficiency is caused by a virus. T. Mbeki refused to buy antiretroviral drugs imposed by TNCs, which were extremely toxic. As a result, the intractable T. Mbeki was removed from his post, and the new government immediately bought these drugs, allegedly blocking HIV activity.

Since then, a TNC medical experiment has been underway in South Africa. The experiment goes through new stages: HIV “mutates”, antiretroviral drugs are renewed … People were dying and dying, but from what: from a virus or from toxic drugs? No answer…

What has been happening globally since January 2020 is in many ways reminiscent of the HIV / AIDS epic in South Africa. And when the “South African version” of covid appeared there, it was found that even … the British vaccine did not take it. American only!

Economic constraints under the guise of a covid pandemic have already caused enormous economic damage to South Africa. Tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs. And in February, a plan for universal vaccination of the population began. First batch of vaccine from a British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (Arizona) was brought to the country solemnly, with fanfare. At the airport she was met by President S. Ramaposa, Minister of Health Z. Mkize, and other officials. And it was hard to imagine what would happen a few hours later …

Scientists from one of the largest universities in the country The Witswaterand suddenly announced that the vaccine THE … ineffective. It was previously announced that the vaccine AstraZeneca effective … 70 percent. And here in relation to the “South African variant” of the virus (COVID-19 501Y.V.2) it was revealed that this vaccine gives an effect only … in 22 percent of cases! And as the state channel reported SABC, there is no information about “Is the vaccine capable of protecting against severe illness”

The government stopped the vaccination that began and began to purchase the vaccine Ad26 Janssen produced by an American corporation Johnson and Johnson! But why? After all, it is stated that the effectiveness of the vaccine J&J is also low: 60 percent and then only for cases of “moderate severity”. This means that for at least 40 people out of 100 vaccinated, the consequences will be … incomprehensible!

Other pharmaceutical giants took part in the struggle to sell “their” vaccine to South Africa – Pfizer and BioNTech, but they have lost in the monopolistic competition.

But look at what’s going on: after the failure AstraZeneca in the South African market, the African Union leadership has confirmed its determination to procure this ineffective vaccine!

A vaccine that is no longer needed in South Africa THE remains a problem for this country as well: a manufacturing company based in India refuses to accept its “good” back.

And a series of incomprehensible deaths: a few days before the decision on the “choice” of a vaccine in the South African government suddenly died one of the ministers. And in neighboring Zimbabwe, a few days before the start of mass vaccinations, three government ministers died at once, including the foreign minister!

* * *

The level of tension in the political situation in South Africa is also evidenced by the situation with former President J. Zuma. It is dangerous to speak in support of the former head of state now: the controlled media morally destroy such daredevils. Nevertheless, the Association of Veterans “Umkonto ve Sizwe”, the military wing of the African National Congress (ANC), was not afraid to speak in defense of J. Zuma. Several weeks ago, J. Zuma again refused to appear before the commission to investigate the “seizure of the state”, whose work turned into a farce. Now Zuma is threatened with imprisonment for refusing to participate in the farce. The threat is real, because with the removal of this president in 2018, it became clear that his policy of ensuring economic independence in the interests of the majority of the country’s population was doomed, and the group of Zuma’s supporters in the ruling ANC party would be repressed. Hence the court case against the current secretary general of the ANC, Ace Magashule, whom they are trying to liquidate under the guise of fighting corruption.

Vaccination scandal THE suggests that a special operation has been successfully carried out in the country to discredit the government, and the influence of external forces capable of such provocations is very great.

The mass vaccination in South Africa has many aspects, including some unusual ones. So, traditional healers demanded to reveal the formula of the vaccine in order to know whether the ingredients of the vaccines are compatible with their preparations. This problem is not as simple as it seems, and affects not only those who use the services of South African healers.

In stark contrast to what is happening in South Africa is the situation in Tanzania, where the government has officially announced that it will not purchase vaccines altogether.

What is happening in South Africa today is developing according to the scenario open conspiracy, an open conspiracy. A close examination of the dramatic experience of South Africa as a testing ground for pharmaceutical TNCs shows that an open conspiracy was formed much earlier than we think. The notorious “pandemic” -2020 is its new stage.

A photo: REUTERS Given Ruvich

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