Oct 1, 2021
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Where did Russian intelligence in Kiev missed, and what should our counterintelligence do now?

Photo: former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Semyon Semenchenko

In the photo: former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Semyon Semenchenko (Photo: ZumaTASS)

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Semyon Semenchenko (he is Kostya Grishin), the SBU suspected of organizing an illegal paramilitary group and firing a grenade launcher at the office of Channel 112 in July 2019, it turns out, was planning to create a Ukrainian analogue of Mossad to “destroy the enemies of Ukraine”. A former militant, also known as a freelance agent of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), wrote about this on Facebook. Evgeny Shevchenko

Shevchenko is being held in the same case as Semenchenko, but unlike the ex-commander, he is not in a pre-trial detention center. And just this week, the SBU announced the completion of the pre-trial investigation in relation to both main defendants. In addition to being accused of creating a paramilitary formation (PMC) “not provided for by the law of Ukraine”, both are charged with terrorism and illegal arms handling.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian security officials informed about the exposure of the Semenchenko-Shevchenko group, whose activities, according to the investigation, were aimed “at preparing grave crimes against the foundations of national security,” at the end of March.

Meanwhile, Shevchenko now declares that by doing so, the SBU “destroyed an invaluable structure from the point of view of security and interests of the state”. According to him, Semenchenko’s organization set as its goal – “the destruction of the enemies of Ukraine”, and it was not “initiative”. Behind it stood the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which financed the organization, and its activities were personally authorized by the head of the GUR, General Kirill Budanov… By the way, a friend of the president Zelensky

If everything is so, then there is a direct connection with the August sabotage on the gas pipeline in the Crimean village of Perevalnoye near Simferopol. The immediate performers of the action are brothers Akhmetovswho placed the explosive device and their supervisor Dzhelyalov were detained two weeks later. Also, the investigation found that the go-ahead for the sabotage operation in the Russian Crimea was given by the main military intelligence officer of Ukraine – the same Budanov.

That is, Semenchenko and Shevchenko with their PMCs are, in fact, just cogs in the general mechanism of state terrorism, which Kiev seems to have finally taken the path of. Moreover, we see that there is already an open preparation for the deployment of a terrorist war against Russia throughout its territory. Not only in Crimea.

So, this week, supporters Stepan Bandera were detained in Bashkiria. Five young people were planning to detonate a homemade bomb at one of the objects of law enforcement agencies in the capital of the republic of Ufa.

Earlier, in March-April of this year, during a large-scale operation carried out by FSB officers in nine Russian cities, it was possible to neutralize more than 30 members of the neo-Nazi community banned in our country, who were preparing mass terrorist attacks and massacres under the supervision of a resident of Ukraine Egor Krasnova… According to some sources, he was recruited by the Ukrainian special services to the Dnepropetrovsk pre-trial detention center, where he got for a series of armed attacks on passers-by.

To assess the degree of threat to Russia from the practicing state terrorism of Ukraine “SP” asked Head of the Eurasian Analytical Club (EAC), expert on international terrorism Nikita Mendkovich:

– The military intelligence of Ukraine is indeed used to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts on the territory of neighboring countries. And not only in Russia. It’s not a secret.

For example, the Vostok-SOS Foundation, controlled by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s GUR, took an active part in organizing the riots in Belarus last year. For this, two military intelligence operatives were sent to Minsk, who coordinated their activities with the local radical opposition. Both were later among the activists detained for the riots.

In this regard, of course, we – the states neighboring Ukraine – need to proceed from a fundamentally more aggressive anti-terrorist activity. To improve security, it is necessary, first of all, to unite efforts in the fight against this new terrorist organization, which has formed under the wing of the Ukrainian army. And, accordingly, to carry out joint operational counterintelligence and counterterrorism measures against it

In addition, it is necessary to seriously limit the expert and political contacts with the “square”, which – no secret – the Ukrainian military intelligence uses to conduct such subversive actions on the territory of neighboring states. The example with Belarus, by the way, shows this especially clearly.

“SP”: – Whose experience do you think could be useful here?

– There have already been such precedents in the modern history of our country.

After the formation of the young Soviet state, Poland for a long time actively used various terrorist groups, including those from among Russian immigrants, to organize sabotage, terrorist attacks, and riots on the territory of Soviet Russia. There was even a centralized transfer of gangs.

Nevertheless, the experience of the Cheka and the GPU showed that it is possible to fight against this threat. Terrorism was successfully suppressed in the 1920s. And in the 30s, as we remember, such a terrorist practice ended very sadly for the Polish state itself, which eventually disappeared and was restored only thanks to the good will of the Soviet government.

It would be useful to remember this today for Ukraine, which is embarking on a dangerous path of supporting terrorism.

– Ukraine calls itself a “NATO outpost”, therefore, it is natural that all its special services and army are sharpened against Russia, he believes political scientist and public figure Igor Druz… – And not only the Semchenko bandit formation, but also many other armed groups, were created, of course, at the suggestion of the Ukrainian authorities.

There is one way to minimize this threat for us – it is necessary to help the healthy forces of Ukraine change this regime. There is only this method.

In fact, the fact that we did not stop this threat immediately in this way caused not only political, not only spiritual, but also economic damage. We had to invest enormous funds in strengthening the borders, in relocating gas pipelines … etc., which, perhaps, would not need to be done if there were normal, friendly people in power there.

Therefore, I repeat, even from an economic point of view, a change in the current Kiev regime is absolutely necessary.

But, unfortunately, we have a strange legal collision. On the one hand, we seem to have recognized this regime that emerged after the Maidan. On the other hand, the Moscow court considered it illegal, since it was established through a coup d’état.

So, you can and should take advantage of this collision. Not to mention that this regime violates all conceivable and inconceivable international norms and agreements. Including the Minsk agreements.

Even the liberal UN experts, many of whom are paid Soros, in their recent report, acknowledged that shelling of the territory of the LPR is much more frequent than shelling of the territory controlled by Ukraine. 80% of the damaged civilian objects, according to their data, are located in the territory of the people’s republics of Donbass.

That is, Ukraine is constantly attacking – it is generally accepted. How can this be tolerated?

Of course, a regime change is necessary. This is not as difficult a task as it seems. After all, the Americans have changed their legal authority Yanukovych (whatever he was, but he was the legally elected head of state) to the rule of illegal putschists.

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