Jan 23, 2021
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“Where are the boobs from?”: Kristina Asmus surprised fans with her cleavage

The actress posted a spicy picture on Instagram the day before. Fans were stunned not by the photo itself, because the half-naked parts of the body of a star have long been a surprise. Christina is a very fragile and thin girl who is not associated with a magnificent bust.

"Where are the boobs from?": Kristina Asmus surprised fans with her cleavage

Simply put, everyone thought Asmus had zero breast size. The actress herself immediately joked about all possible comments, publishing a number of hashtags: “where the boobs come from”, “I’m not interested without Garik”, “you’re a mother,” “return to Kharlamov”, “why show” and others. Followers noted not only the unexpected beautiful forms of the star, but also Asmus’s sense of humor.

“It’s a whole art to scribble such tags! I always read it) very funny!” – commented subscribers.

"Where did the boobs come from?": Christina Asmus surprised fans with her cleavage

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