Sep 22, 2022
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Where and whom will the military registration and enlistment office send? Mobilized to restore order in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye

Where and whom will the military registration and enlistment office send?  Mobilized to restore order in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye

Photo: Maxim Kiselev/TASS

On September 21, partial mobilization of reservists began in Russia, the corresponding decree was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is already known that it is planned to mobilize 300 thousand citizens from among those who are in the reserve, who have previously served in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces, who have a suitable military specialty and combat experience. The timing of the mobilization is not called, but it is known that it will be planned.

Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu said that one of the tasks of the mobilization measures would be control over the liberated territories. “The line of contact itself, you can call it both the front line and the line of contact, it is more than 1,000 kilometers,” he said in a television interview. – Naturally, what is behind, and what is there, along this line, it must be fixed, these territories must be controlled. And, of course, in the first place, this is what this work is being done for – I mean, partial mobilization.”

Of course, in the coming days there will be new details about the conduct of mobilization, collection points for mobilized, places of their future service and criteria for selecting those called up.

Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky I am convinced that the presidential decree did not come as a surprise to the military registration and enlistment offices.

– The fact is that the military registration and enlistment offices are constantly in a state of readiness. They are intended for this purpose, to carry out the draft, when circumstances and decisions of the military-political leadership require it. At the same time, such decrees are synchronized by the relevant departments. Therefore, for military registration and enlistment offices and other structures involved, the announcement of mobilization did not come as a surprise. They, I believe, knew approximately what would happen and what orders the Supreme Commander would give.

“SP”: – What can now be said about the criteria by which citizens are subject to mobilization?

– As far as one can judge from the first official statements, first of all, people who have served in the army and have military specialties will be called up – that is, they will be most useful in combat conditions. But it is still difficult to say how the selection of personnel will take place in practice – this will become clear in the near future.

“SP”: – And on what legal grounds will temporary work take place with commissions, say, of doctors or other specialists?

– There are necessary standards, regulations, according to which they will be involved in the work of draft commissions. There is nothing new in this, many provisions have not changed since the Soviet period.

“SP”: – That is, the legal field in this regard has been prepared?

We have all the necessary legal base. The President and the Minister of Defense in this case were guided by it. So, everything happens within the legal framework. The situation dictates such actions. The initiative, as we see, in this situation, does not come from us. It is our country that has been put before a fact and they are trying to drive it into a corner. We remember the words that we should be defeated by military force. We are forced to react, to take the necessary measures to prevent the destruction of our country. Such a time has come.

Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE Plekhanov, military expert Alexander Perendzhiev explained the differences between partial and full mobilization.

– Full – this is when almost all categories of reserve military personnel are called up. And in the case of partial conscription, military personnel of the first category, quite young, are subject to. But those who fall under it are not called up completely, but only partially.

And here it is necessary to pay attention that not only the active armed forces are considered, but also the National Guard, the police, the border troops subordinate to the FSB. By the way, border guards will be needed in the territories that may become part of Russia after the referendum, and there they will need to carry out the corresponding functions.

“SP”: – By the way, part of the mobilized, as follows from the statements of the military-political leadership of the country, will serve in the liberated regions. What functions can they perform there?

– This, of course, is the protection of public order. But not only – perhaps they will be engaged in identifying and capturing members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. We will need specialists in counterintelligence, the FSB and other structures. Suitable “reserves” can also be called for sure. In the same Zaporozhye, Kherson regions of our National Guard, the police will have to take on the main workload. It should not be forgotten here that with the departure of employees of the Russian law enforcement agencies from various regions, there will be a need for personnel on the ground that will have to be filled – perhaps at the expense of the same mobilized.

“SP”: – What else can our military do in those regions?

– Perform the functions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, this department is under a heavy load in the current conditions, when many objects were damaged as a result of shelling. It will be necessary to form units, to eliminate the consequences of hostilities.

Another important point – the growth of personnel means not only the replenishment of combat ranks on the battlefield or the provision of security functions in the rear. This is also personnel in the support system – issues related to logistics, food, medical care, provision of uniforms and footwear, equipment repair, and many others. Finally, it cannot be ruled out that people will be sent to military-industrial complex enterprises, which now require various specialists. So, with the growth in the number of the military, the need for normal support for their activities increases.

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