May 10, 2022
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Where and how weapons come to Ukraine

Where and how weapons come to Ukraine

Photo: AP/TASS

All months of preparation for the special operation was carefully hidden. And burst like snow in a clear sky. The first thing the Russian army did was to close the sky. And the American transport workers stuffed with weapons for some time turned out to be “chained” to the runway. And the weapons in their womb were in bulk – tanks, howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled gun mounts, ATGMs …

“Polish Corridor”

Previously, NATO transport workers flew straight into Ukraine without any hesitation. After the Russians “hung a lock on the sky”, the risk of an abnormal landing along with a rocket that hit your side became unacceptably high. Since it is not possible to deliver weapons to the defenders of “independence” by heaven, they must be driven by land. Poland was the first to kindly provide its territory, for which this inter-Slavic conflict became a real feast of the spirit and a delight for the eyes and heart.

And the main transshipment base for NATO transport workers is now not Ukrainian, but Polish airfields located near the Ukrainian border – primarily Rzeszow and Lublin.

And all Western equipment went straight from Polish airports to Polish railway stations in a continuous green stream. The common border between Poland and Ukraine is over five hundred kilometers. And on it – a damn dozen checkpoints – seven road and six rail.

And by rail in freight trains, you can transport not only a howitzer, but a herd of elephants. What they did. A month after the outbreak of hostilities, political scientist Sergey Mikheev outraged right on the air – how long? We are beating this military-technical “hydra of the West” at the fronts; like in the fairy tale about Ivan Tsarevich, three heads grow instead of one severed head.

“In order to defeat a train with a hundred tanks traveling through Western Ukraine, one missile is enough,” the political scientist reasoned. – But when the train reaches the front line without hindrance, and the tanks unload and go into battle, one missile will be needed for each tank. That is, you have to spend a hundred missiles. There is a difference?”

The political scientist asked these questions for several weeks in a row. It looks like he was heard. And they really began to hit with “Caliber” and “Iskanders” on trains with equipment.

The cunning Poles also drew all possible conclusions. And after the first successful hits, platforms with tanks and self-propelled guns began to be included in passenger trains. In fact, it was the same cannibalistic “human shield” tactic that the Ukrainian Armed Forces used, placing anti-aircraft and artillery installations in schools and kindergartens. The fact that citizens of the same Poland were traveling to Ukraine in the neighboring wagons with self-propelled guns, apparently, did not bother the Poles themselves. Or they were sure that the Russians would not risk hitting passenger trains. We didn’t risk it.

Having learned about this Polish trick, Sergei Mikheev, on his program “Iron Logic”, suggested hitting not on the passenger trains themselves, but on their accumulation at marshalling yards, where trains “change their shoes” on wheelsets to switch to another rail system.

He seems to have been heard again (though not immediately). Moreover, the General Staff creatively developed this idea. And a week after this “rationalization proposal” “Caliber” simultaneously smashed to pieces six traction substations at once at the stations Krasnoe, Zdolbunov, Zhmerinka, Berdichev, Kovel and Korosten. It was through these nodes that the uninterrupted delivery of military equipment for the Ukrainian group in the Donbass took place.

After that, the Poles switched to civilian long-range trucks. But you can’t transport a tank or a self-propelled gun in a wagon – except perhaps small arms, ATGMs and ammunition. And the “Western partners” shifted their gaze to controlled Romania.

Romanian transit

Romania is a member of NATO. And this is not Turkey with a “new Kemal Ataturk» Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He can and “sleeping Biden” with all his camarilla to send to an address widely known to the people. And you can twist ropes from Romanians. Moreover, from the very first days of the military operation, the headquarters of the US European military command was deployed here. After the intensification of the stop in Transnistria, at the suggestion of American advisers, Romania began to covertly introduce Romanian soldiers and officers into Moldova under the guise of “Moldovan military”.

Moldova itself does not particularly oppose this. And now on its territory, clothing warehouses and warehouses of NATO army rations are being hastily created and filled from the outside. Most likely, a rear base is being created for a grouping “sharpened” for the capture of Transnistria.

Well, along the way, heavy military equipment went and went from Romania along the Bessarabian “piece of iron” to Odessa. But “the music did not play for long, the Romanians did not dance for long.” All logistics were ruined by two Russian Caliber, which destroyed the pillars of a huge railway bridge in the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region.

Then the “sworn friends” and partners redirected to sea transit – from the Romanian port of Constanta straight to Odessa.

Odessa has become the operational base of the Ukrainian fleet, the logistics hub of the ground forces and the point of acceptance and distribution of Western weapons entering the country from Constanta. But the hated flagship of the Black Sea Fleet acted as a “marine barrier” for these deliveries. He stood as a bone in the throat of both Kyiv and Brussels. The ship was the center of a double threat – both an amphibious assault and a threat of a complete blockade of ports controlled by Ukraine.

As a result, the flagship was disabled under mysterious circumstances. And drowned. The way from Romania to Odessa was free. Thunderstorm infantry – American howitzers M177, well-proven in Iraq and destroyed the millionth Mosul, began to rapidly loaded onto ships in the Romanian port of Constanta.

British Brimstone missiles began to be delivered there by port cranes – a thunderstorm of ships and infantry. This missile could be used from both land and sea launch platforms and even from the deck of speedboats.

Slovak trace

Recently, Slovakia has apparently decided to join the “sweet couple of death suppliers” – Poland and Romania. There is intelligence that it was through the Chop border checkpoint (it is located on the border of Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine) that heavy military equipment began to pass to Ukraine.

Hungary is strictly neutral in this conflict. It itself fundamentally does not supply Ukraine with weapons and does not allow convoys with equipment for the “square” to pass through its territory. So, Slovaks.

Chop is generally the most important transport hub of the region. All trains to Ukraine go through it. And it is here that trains are “changed shoes” from the narrow European gauge to the wide one, which is used in the CIS countries. According to all Russian military experts, if this station is also destroyed, then the supply of weapons along this railway line will immediately stop. The same applies to all railway junctions on the border with Romania and Moldova.

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