Jun 7, 2022
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When will VKS cruise missiles cover Poland if it crap like England?

When will VKS cruise missiles cover Poland if it crap like England?

Photo: TASS

According to many military analysts, dragging the United States into the Ukrainian conflict only adds to the confrontation. At some point, Washington is able to elementary play. At the same time, the US authorities want to transfer their HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to the independent. And Svidomye can use them to the fullest against Russian cities, as they are now using against peaceful border villages. Then the Kremlin will be forced to take tough measures, which increases the risk of a direct military clash between the United States and Russia through the fault of Washington.

Indeed, in the administration of the American President Joseph Biden – A single decision-making center has not yet been formed. The control system there is very unreliable. Biden is simply out of control in places. It is not clear who is responsible for what, some people can make decisions in one area, others in another, quotes the expert of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO Mikhail Alexandrov, the publication “Military Affairs”, with reference to the resource

We asked military expert Mikhail Alexandrov justify his position in more detail and here is what he said:

US President Joseph Biden is not in full control of the situation. He has memory lapses, perhaps he is partially incapacitated at certain points. It turns out that his environment acts independently, and there are completely different people with different interests. Some of them are very prone to Russophobic sentiments. But at the same time, there is no personal responsibility for them, the president is responsible for everything.

This allows the White House administration to act radically. As we can see, HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems have been delivered to Ukraine. Now the question is how to put long-range missiles on them as well. I do not rule out that they will also be delivered through Poland.

It is quite possible that Warsaw already has these missiles in its arsenal, although I personally do not know this. In this case, if strikes are inflicted on Russian territory, what will be left for us? Suppose they start shelling our major cities: Kursk, Voronezh, Bryansk? The Belgorod region has already been shelled with low-yield ammunition.

And if a more powerful missile arrives and causes significant damage? An infrastructure object may be destroyed or damaged.

“SP”: – After the attack by helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a fuel storage base on Russian territory has already burned down. There was no concrete answer to this, although, of course, pinpoint strikes on military infrastructure did not stop.

“Then there were no casualties among the population. But if people die on the main street in a large city, it will be completely different. Or if a residential building is destroyed, a shopping center. I think the “answer” will be quite different. It is high time for our leaders to give the order to strike at the decision-making centers in Ukraine. They promised it two months ago. There is discontent in society. If you are already involved, then you need to do the job, and do it well.

While decision centers, bridges and tunnels are being bombed lightly. The question arises: maybe we do not have the means for such strikes? Although a lot of cruise missiles were fired. They could also deliver pinpoint strikes against military structures in Kyiv, against the administrations of large cities. Why is the military ministry of Ukraine still intact? After all, from there they give orders to shoot at Donetsk, where again dozens of dead civilians!

Our want kind. They call for the export of grain from Ukraine. Recently at a briefing, General Konashenkov reported that the Ukrainian military, escaping, crossed the Seversky Donets, and ours did not shoot at them. He presented it as a great achievement. So, they let the opponents leave so that they would then kill in ours? This game of kindness comes at the expense of Russian people, residents of Donbass and our servicemen.

“SP”: – Returning to possible, purely hypothetical strikes on the territory of Poland, in the event of strikes with long-range powerful missiles on our cities. How should it be framed? Should the blows be struck after the announcement at the UN or after the note of protest?

– Immediately after the strike on a large Russian city and the possible death of our people, in my opinion, it is necessary to strike at the Polish airfield, where American missiles are delivered. It should be stated that the blow to the system delivered to Poland was dealt in response. And what the West will do next is their business. If they want to fight, let them start. Or let them stop.

“SP”: – But dozens of those killed are one thing, and millions destroyed in a nuclear war are quite another?

It will be their choice. We are not going to destroy these millions, but only attack the airfield, which is supplied with long-range missiles. Let them decide whether they want a nuclear war or not, but we don’t have to prove anything to anyone…

State and public figure, political scientist, General Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov explained that although there is no single decision-making center in the United States, there are several small centers:

– This happens in all complex bureaucratic structures, by the way, in our country too. Russia has a Security Council of the Russian Federation, but important decisions are made not by its apparatus on a daily basis, but by a meeting of the Security Council held once a week. They have about the same thing in America – once a week, some key decisions are made at special meetings. And in the intervals, departments conduct their own policies. In Syria, there have been cases when local militants supervised by the CIA fought against militants supervised by the Pentagon.

Yes, President Joseph Biden is pretty weak. He is unable to work daily. Therefore, he largely entrusts his position to assistants. The transfer of power is real.

“SP”: – Is it possible that the negative development of the situation after the supply of American MLRS HIMARS to Kyiv and the attack on Russian cities? Can our Aerospace Forces, for example, strike back at military centers located in Poland that train the Armed Forces of Ukraine in handling multiple launch rocket systems?

– Hardly. After all, this will be a blow to the NATO country. In this case, there is a high risk of starting a nuclear war and destroying humanity.

To be honest, we have not yet formed a clear answer to what we will do in the event of a strike on our cities with the use of American weapons. We threaten, but what exactly we will do – no one knows yet. After all, Russia does nothing in response to the war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So perhaps the West does not expect anything bad for itself.

“SP”: – In these conditions of Russia’s lack of a clear position, analysts involuntarily turn to the past experience of Cold War No. 1. Then America also had its own “hawks”. For example, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles dreamed of “rolling back” Soviet power in Eastern Europe with the help of national uprisings supported by the United States, but President Dwight Eisenhower rejected this idea at that time. And Senator Joseph McCarthy grotesquely exaggerated the “communist threat in America,” accusations of betrayal of many prominent Americans. But these provocateurs did not incite the United States to a real war against the USSR. Maybe now reason will prevail?

– Then they were simply afraid of the powerful Soviet Union, which was in the offensive phase. And they are not afraid of Russia. This is the problem.

Firstly, Russia is much weaker economically, and secondly, it does not have strong allies, as in the days of the USSR. And half of the current Russian elite is just waiting for the Americans to “eat Putin“.

At the same time, grants from Russian state funds for many years go to obvious opponents of the independence of our country, and now of the military operation. Our Russian elite is basically not on the side of the people of Russia, or, let’s say, the “Crimean majority”…

So far, our leadership is acting cautiously, as if confronting some inadequate madmen who may accidentally press the wrong button. Of course, after looking at the speeches of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pilosior the press secretary of the American White House, who replaced Jane Psaki, Karine Jean-Pierre — one can only affirm this opinion.

But maybe this is just a politically correct showcase? Let’s hope that there are still serious people sitting behind the walls of government offices, if not like Dwight Eisenhowerat least it’s not stupid Bill Clinton.

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