Nov 11, 2022
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When will the Ukrainian Pinochet come?

Information preparation for the replacement of Zelensky with Zaluzhny is gaining momentum

Photos of this massive man with stubbornly pursed lips and a piercing gaze of cold eyes are increasingly appearing on the pages of the foreign press. The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, today is not just a well-known military man, he has turned (he was turned) into a political figure.

A PR company is developing in the West, extolling Zaluzhny as the future “Ukrainian Pinochet”. American Time included the 49-year-old Ukrainian general in the list of the 100 most influential people of the year, and published an interview with him in the September issue. Polish Newspaper Wyborcza and completely choked with delight: “If Michelangelo had to carve the figure of General Zaluzhny, based on posts on the Internet, then he would have got a mixture of David and Moses”.

The Germans also exalt Zaluzhny. Buildfor example, deafens with a pompous headline: “Valery the Moguchy: this general gives Ukraine hope”.

The general’s popularity began to rise even under Poroshenko, when Zaluzhny was called “the first ataman of Ukraine.” And now, in an independent power, they are even more favored not by talkative politicians, but by people in uniform.

According to Western publications, Zaluzhny’s strategy from the very beginning was to prevent the capture of Kyiv at any cost and attack the Russian army where its communications would be stretched. It seems that the general kept these considerations a secret from Zelensky. Magazine New Yorker he assures that General Mark Milli, the chairman of the OKNSh, asked Zaluzhny several times how Ukraine intends to defend itself, but did not receive an answer.

One way or another, Zaluzhny’s plans came true in many respects. By the way, shortly before the start of the NMD, command and staff games were held in the United States, after which the Pentagon came to the conclusion that the Russian Armed Forces would capture Kyiv not in 72 hours, as, according to the Americans, allegedly planned in Moscow, but several days later. It turned out differently.

However, there is no need for illusions. Americans know how to put on the one they choose, a mask of respectability. It was and still is the American choice. Zaluzhny is the same enemy of Russia as Zelensky. Last year, the general said that he dreamed of rushing at the head of a column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the flagship tank of defeated Moscow.

“The Americans bet on Zaluzhny and seriously invested in his campaign. It is obvious, – says journalist Yanina Sokolovskaya on the Israeli channel “Neutral Zone”. – The West is not interested in Zelensky, but in Ukraine, which would serve as a barrier between the Russian Federation and the Western world. Zaluzhny is exactly the person who will be able to continue hostilities.” However, there is an error here: Ukraine is important to the West not as a barrier, but as a springboard for an offensive in the East, regardless of when and with what political result the NWO will end.

By the way, Zaluzhny himself believes that the military campaign will not end in 2022, he calls on the citizens of Ukraine “to be ready for the continuation of the conflict,” notes Reuters.

Build emphasizes that “the current head of state is not very happy with the rumors that one day the general may enter the presidential palace.” Well, the “Ukrainian Pinochet” is being prepared for this. There is a lot of speculation about how this could happen, as well as about disagreements between Zelensky and Zaluzhny, in the Western media, and against their background, confidence is quietly growing stronger that in wartime circumstances, the incumbent Ukrainian president, who is also a popular comedian in the past, will soon may be relegated to the background.

Flashed was, however, in Instagram* juicy details of the general’s personal behavior: it turned out that he, reputed to be an exemplary family man and an exemplary father, flirts with garish girls from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, generously endowing them not from his own pocket, but with funds from “Western aid”. However, the sparks of the scandal did not flare up into a fire. The general succeeded not only on the battlefield, but also on the basis of the so-called strategic communications: he has created a strong media team that can compete with anyone in the informational impact on the audience.

Well, the answer to the question contained in the title of the article is as follows: the Ukrainian Pinochet will come when Washington considers that the time has already come for a new stage of NATO’s “expansion” to the East.


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