Apr 29, 2021
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When will Russian flying saucers attack the White House?

Another round of American boxing with the shadow of the Russian threat

The US Congress has raised the issue of Russia’s secret weapon. First, representatives of the Pentagon informed the special committee of the Congress about the use of “mystical rays” by the Russians against the American military personnel. Then the four former security officials involved in the investigation announced that they believed attacks were being carried out with unknown beams on American soldiers around the world.

Reports were presented to the two committees of the krngress, containing information on the damage received by the Americans as a result of secret irradiation in Syria in 2020. True, these injuries are very similar to the signs of influenza. The head of the American Central Command, General Frank Mackenzie, who did not understand the essence of the moment, questioned the version of the “mystical rays” and said that no evidence of the exposure of soldiers in the Middle East had been received.

General Mackenzie’s speech silenced the Pentagon for a while, but the general himself was summoned to a hearing in Congress and now he has to repent of his delusions.

Investigations into Russian attacks using unknown beams are now in full swing; find out how many Americans have suffered from them. In this regard, the representative of the National Intelligence avoided contacts with journalists who were interested in the incident in Syria. In addition to the Syrian case, there are suspicions about Cuba. In 2016, about 50 employees of the US Embassy in Havana complained of symptoms of a disease that was later called “Havana disease.” The ambassadors’ ears were ringing, they lost balance, experienced headaches and nausea. Experts immediately decided that these symptoms were far from the consequences of parties with Cuban rum and marijuana. There was no doubt some malice here.

In December 2020, a State Department report pointed to “directional pulsating radio frequency energy that caused the Havana syndrome.” True, the CIA equipment, which is stuffed with the embassy, ​​did not reveal any radiation, the report was found unfounded and they did not report to the Congress.

In some ways, the attempts to detect harmful radiation in Havana resembled the efforts of the American special services to reveal the interference of Russian hackers in the US elections. Neither there nor there the criminals were found. It can be seen that the Russians have pulled out far ahead in creating secret equipment, since the American special services cannot reveal even signs of its activity.

According to NSA and CIA specialists, the circumstances surrounding these incidents are so vague that it is difficult to determine even the type of weapons used. Although in terms of theory, the Americans have achievements. For example, they believe that attacks using highly concentrated electromagnetic energy, radio frequencies or microwave beams must be very powerful in order to damage the target. One thing is not clear: for high-power radiation, a large power plant and large-sized emitting equipment are needed. In Syria, nothing of the kind was found around the “affected” marines, although a large area was explored. Nevertheless, disturbing reports about the “Russian rays of death” arrived just in time. President Joe Biden was just making the decision on the second cycle of sanctions against Russia, and this information strengthened his own rightness. On his instructions, all interested special services were raised on alarm. The “Gang of Eight” also joined the work (Gang of Eight), which, as you know, does not deal with trifles. It is a group of eight senior congressmen who are briefed on the most sensitive top secret US national security issues; it includes the leaders of both party factions in the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the leaders of the majority in the intelligence committees of these houses.

Experts still doubt whether there is a similarity between the cases in Syria and Cuba. They were especially concerned about the sudden illness of a US Marine in Syria. A later Pentagon investigation revealed that there was a case of food poisoning with typical consequences, but Middlebury Institute professor Jeffrey Lewis (Jeffrey Lewis) still believes that this is the intrigue of the Russian special services. “The problem is that we do not understand why so many people become sick before we understand what weapons, technical means or radiation are used against them.”, – the professor argues.

How not to understand a worried person ?! Bearing in mind that eating disorders of the Marines in various countries of the world is not such a rare case, the theme of the mysterious Russian rays is destined to have a long and interesting life. There are, however, skeptics. Former Director of the Pentagon’s Office of Operations and Evaluation Phil Coyle (Phil Coyle) He speaks: “A possible advantage of imaginary weapons is that they cannot be detected. No one can really explain what happened in Syria. We know the soldiers are sick. But we don’t know if it was food poisoning or something else, so we can’t blame the Russians. And the same goes for the events in Cuba “

However, such reasoning does not correspond to the political guidelines of the US administration. The administration does not notice the statements of American psychiatrists about the possibility of a massive psychogenic illness (massive psychogenic illness)when there is the effect of the rapid spread of symptoms of the disease in a close-knit group based on suggestion and self-hypnosis. Such symptoms, as a rule, are caused by fear, excessive self-absorption, vague anticipation. More fundamental shifts occur at a deep neurological level, where feelings, perceptions, memories are encoded. Both levels interact, which can cause delusional states. Following the headaches from unknown rays, sooner or later the victims will “see” their sources. Due to the fact that in the Western media there is now a surge in publications about UFOs, it cannot be ruled out that the sufferers will find Russian flying saucers firing “death rays”. This in itself is a terrible disaster, but if the plates begin to be seen in the White House, the consequences could be infinitely worse.

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