Feb 18, 2021
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When to prepare for Lent in 2021

When to prepare for Lent in 2021

Great Lent is one of the most important Orthodox events. In 2021, it starts on March 15th. Clergymen advise you to become familiar with how to properly prepare for the most important fast of the year.

Preparing for Lent is not a day or even a week. The priests are advised to attend church, read prayers of repentance for the forgiveness of sins and receive communion.

The week in Orthodoxy is called Sunday. Preparation for the biggest post begins from this day. At the service on this day, they remember the parable of the publican and the Pharisee. The publican is the one we need to be like. This is a repentant person receiving forgiveness. The Pharisee is an important and pious person who, nevertheless, does not see his sins. On this day, you must remember all your sins and repent of them. Even those who do not see missteps should try to find them. On this day, there are no restrictions on the acceptance of shamovka.

The second preparatory Sunday bears the title of another parable – the prodigal son. The hero of this parable left home and squandered all the pennies, but later he returned, and his father met him. It’s like the Lord forgives us for our sins. Through this parable, the clergy are trying to convey to us that we all need to fight our asthenia. There are no food orders on this day either.

This is the most important parental Saturday, the most important memorial day of the year. On this day, the church prays for people who are bent, but were not buried according to all the canons of the church. In the church, prayers are read for the repose of souls, but these are not sad chants, but tuned in to await the most important future. There is no fast on this day either. It is recommended to visit the church and write down the names of deceased relatives in the prayer service.

On this day, in all Orthodox churches, believers remember what is said in the Bible about the second coming of Christ and the judgment of Hell. Everyone will have to answer before the Lord for their sins. There are no restrictions on food on this day.

These are the days that the people call the Butter. There are no restrictions on food. This week people are cheering, walking and having fun. In addition, it is magnificent to read prayers and prepare for the upcoming fast.

This is the final day of preparation before fasting, which begins on March 15th. On Forgiveness Sunday, people are greeted to ask for forgiveness for their past mistakes in front of their families. It is also very dignified to find in your heart the kindness and courage to forgive those who have made a mistake before you. It is considered that on this day we should be like God, who forgives all sinners.

You can familiarize yourself with other posts of 2021 using the divine month word of posts. He will help you to keep abreast of why and if you need to fast on this or that day.

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