Jan 26, 2021
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When to get vaccinated for those who have had COVID-19?

Vaccination against the new coronavirus infection a reliable way to protect yourself from disease, infectious disease specialists say. However, questions regarding vaccination arise for those who have already had the disease. Many are worried about whether it is necessary to further strengthen the immune system and how much more protection they need in the presence of antibodies.

Deputy Prime Minister expressed her position on this issue Tatiana Golikova… She noted that the amount of antibodies that are produced after an infection is almost equal to that obtained after vaccination. This means that people who have suffered from the “wild” virus do not need additional vaccine assistance immediately after the disease. “I say with confidence that the citizens who have been ill should abstain for now. And even if the level of antibodies decreases or is close to zero, then you can see the data of cellular immunity “, quote the words of the Deputy Prime Minister, voiced by her in an interview on the channel “Russia-1”. As noted by Tatiana Golikova, cellular immunity with a certain degree of probability persists and will be able to protect a person when he encounters a virus.

Vaccination with transferred covid is not immediately required for the reason that there are not so many cases of secondary infection, and it is difficult to say why they appeared at all. Perhaps the cause was a mild course of the disease for the first time or an error in the diagnosis at the time when covid was still an unknown disease for us.

The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that there is no difference between the antibodies that a person receives naturally and through vaccination. Tatiana Golikova said that, according to scientists, no differences were observed.

A similar opinion was previously expressed by Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia Anna Popova. In her interview to the same channel “Russia-1” she noted that “before vaccination, as a rule, we conduct a test for the presence of antibodies, and if there are antibodies, then, of course, you should not be vaccinated.”

To understand whether a person has protection against coronavirus in the form of their own antibodies, it is enough just to pass blood tests for immunoglobulins. They will show if there are protective components and in what quantities. Further, the decision on vaccination should be made with a doctor, based on age characteristics, health status and the presence of contraindications. This is not a complete rejection of vaccination. Infectious disease specialists often name the period after which it is possible to vaccinate those who have had COVID-19. As a rule, we are talking about 6-9 months. But each person is different, so for your own peace of mind you need to control the level of antibodies in order to provide yourself with protection in time.

WHO experts also voice the six months figure when they note the vaccination rules for those who have suffered from the disease. They associate this period with the fact that during this period the protective antibodies decrease, which means that immunization is necessary.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a doctor

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