Oct 29, 2021
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When to change the battery on an iPhone

When to change the battery on an iPhone

How to check battery wear on an iPhone using apps, read the article.

If the device does not have a standard option for viewing the battery status, the user can turn to third-party software for help. So, for example, the Battery Life app, which can be installed from the App Store, may be perfect for this.

After installing the application, the user must launch it. The main screen will show the main options that are used by the smartphone in active mode, as well as how long the phone is on during their use.

In addition, at the bottom of the screen, the owner can see how long the phone can work without recharging in standby mode. The described indicators are calculated by the program based on installed applications, as well as on the level of battery wear.

In order to find out the state of the battery and its capacity, the user must click on the button with three vertical stripes, which is located in the corner on the left. In the list that opens, you will also need to click on the “Wear level” button.

After that, the calculation will begin, at the end of which information on the battery capacity will be displayed on the screen. Apart from this, the application will also show how much the battery is worn out.

Also, the presented application shows how many full charges have already been in the phone. All information is displayed in the form of a special graph.

5 Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

  1. Auto update. Update your iOS sooner. A couple of years ago, Apple was accused of deliberately slowing down the iPhone with new versions of the operating system. After that, the company is attentive to updates and regularly optimizes each subsequent one. iPhone can and should be updated. Your best bet is to turn on Auto-Update at all in Settings> General> Software Update.
  2. Normal accessories. Cables and power supplies of unknown origin are contraindicated for long battery life. At the same time, to charge your iPhone, you can safely use a power supply not only from an iPad, but even from a MacBook (we are talking about USB-C).
  3. Be afraid of the temperature. iPhone is best charged and used in temperatures between 0 ° C and 35 ° C. Any stressful load in conditions that go beyond these limits can be harmful to the battery.
  4. Charge without a case. Many models of cases (especially nouns) contribute to overheating of the battery. If you notice your iPhone is heating up while charging, remove the case first.
  5. Store your iPhone properly. If you do not use your iPhone for a long time, keep the energy in its battery at about 50%. It is best to check its level once every couple of months.

When to change the battery

You need to carry your iPhone to replace the battery: if the battery status in iOS is displayed at 80% or lower, or when the number of cycles is close to 500.

Such an iPhone can turn off spontaneously during the launch of labor-intensive games, it will quickly discharge to zero in the cold, and in normal mode, it will often require a charger to be connected.

How much time is left: it is advisable to replace the battery after about 2 years of using the iPhone. This should be remembered for those who do not change the gadget for a long enough time or purchase devices on the secondary market.

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