Mar 20, 2020
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When the valves for the ventilator ran out at the hospital, enthusiasts printed them on a 3D printer

UPDATE. Dear readers, unfortunately, the news published yesterday on this page is not quite true. . We apologize to you for not understanding and misleading you.

What happened actually

Recently, a group of Italian enthusiasts printed 3D valves for CPAP therapy devices, a type of mechanical ventilation, and specifically for CPAP-Hood (hood with the English hood) manufactured by the company Intersurgical . She did not have time to release a sufficient number of valves, so the clinic had to attract a startup to save the lives of critically ill patients infected with the new coronavirus. After the startup made the required valves, the news spread massively on the Internet that the company producing the original valves was threatening a startup with a court for patent infringement. The source of misinformation, as it turns out, was Business Insider Italia , which referred to Massimo Temporelli, the professor who brought the startup to the valve production task. The publication The Verge , which itself fell into the trap, spoke with Temporelli. He said that yes, the manufacturing company said it would not provide valve design and that their reproduction would be illegal. But there were no direct threats from the company. One of the two startup owners, Alessandro Ramaioli, also confirmed that there were no threats.


Managing Director Intersurgical Charles Bellm (Charles Bellm) commented:

... recent reports from the Italian media are completely false. At the end of last week, we were contacted about the manufacture of valves, but we could not provide a design due to the regulations for the production of medical equipment. We did not threaten to sue any startup. The valve is an accessory supplied with the CPAP-hood system. Its cost is only a few euros.

Now our company is doing everything possible for the timely delivery of equipment to hospitals and in many cases provides valves for free. It is very sad that such misinformation is spreading in an epidemic. Our task as a company is to meet the demand of hospitals for equipment - now they need this and many other vital products. We are working hard to meet their demand.

Also in the previously circulated news said what the original valves were worth 000 dollars, but it turned out that this information is also incorrect. The valve (and along with the mask, which, however, is not needed for CPAP-hood) can be bought for 60 British pounds (approximately, 60 US dollars).

The text of the original (erroneous) news is hereinafter.

A medical device manufacturing company threatens court enthusiasts for violating patent rights in an effort to save lives. One branded valve for the device IVL usually costs 03 ! The replicas came at a price in the region of one dollar.

Last week in a hospital in Brescia, valves for ventilators, which are required for patients with coronavirus complications, ran out. The valve manufacturing company was not able to release the required number of valves on time, so doctors began to look for ways to print these valves on a 3D printer.

Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Ramaioli, owners of an Italian startup, offered their 3D printer and asked the company for drawings . The company replied that it would not provide drawings. Then Alessandro and Christian made their drawings according to the samples available on hand. They printed three different versions of the valves. By 03 March, the valves have already saved their lives 000 to patients.

“The patients were in mortal danger, and we decided to act. Point. We don’t plan to make money on this situation, and we don’t intend to use the received drawings for the production of valves in the future, and we won’t distribute them, ”Frakassi said in a note on Facebook .

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