Mar 30, 2021
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When the motherland becomes a stepmother

Shmygal’s simple math – there will soon be nothing to pay pensions

Analytical service OLX Jobs published recently the results of a study on the plans of Ukrainian citizens looking for work. These plans look like a verdict to the existing regime, which has brought the country to such a state, turning the inalienable human right to work into an empty shell. Previous polls confirm that the majority of able-bodied residents of an independent state are forced to exist in a constant search for new jobs.

The answer to the question of the OLX service where the residents of Ukraine would like to work was a sensation. 63% of the respondents said that they want to leave Ukraine, find a job somewhere outside its borders. Among the reasons for this desire are the high unemployment rate (in the first place), as well as the fact that salaries abroad are higher, and working conditions are better. At the same time, 33% of the study participants say that although they had no work experience abroad before, they still want to leave. About half of future guest workers are looking for an opportunity to go to work in Poland. And every fifth respondent said that he wants to leave Ukraine for good and never come back. The homeland has become a stepmother for such people.

What can they count on? Such types of work as a tomato packer and picker, a strawberry picker, a seamstress, a furniture factory worker are named. “There is a work. People go there. We also organize regular arrivals. The work is different: warehouses, factories, factories, fields. The only thing you need to do is a work visa. With biometric passports, as before, now it will not be possible to call in “, – quotes the publication “Vesti” representative of the company Working life

migrant workers

Ukraine has been in a state of social and economic crisis permanently since 1991 – as long as it exists in an independent position. After the “revolution of dignity”, that is, the coup d’etat of 2014, the situation did not improve, but worsened. After a sharp drop in the Ukrainian economy, the fall stopped for a short time, the situation temporarily stabilized, but then it got worse again. At the end of 2020, Ukraine’s GDP fell by 4%, industrial production – by 5.2%.

According to the calculations of the Ukrainian government, in January 2021 the decline continued, the economy contracted by another 2.6-2.8% compared to January 2020. Against the background of the ongoing crisis in relations with Russia, the scandal with China, the Ze-team’s lack of managerial skills cannot be otherwise.

Pension policy is one of the factors that reinforce the feeling among Ukrainian residents that life in their homeland has no prospects. Some time ago, the Ze-team still promised increase in pensions, but there is no way to keep promises. Even small short-term pension benefits that were promised for July 2021 have been carried over to October. And recently, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said at all that in 15 years, pensions in Ukraine could be canceled“We will have to double taxes so that pensioners can be supported. Companies no longer want to increase taxes. Double magnification is not possible. We will not be able to pay pensions to future pensioners in 15 years. It’s simple math. “, – said Shmygal.

In order to somehow smooth out the feeling of a deadening perspective, they promise to introduce “effective” savings systems in Kiev. However, the journalists calculated that the proposed “accumulation” schemes would allow citizens to accumulate pensions for themselves, perhaps for a couple of years – it will no longer work. That is, people are being deceived here too.

There will soon be nothing to pay pensions

The situation with the education of children is no better. Since 2021, the system of continuous secondary education has been destroyed in Ukraine. In 80% of schools it will not be possible to obtain a certificate.

The situation with medicine is even worse. The American Suprun has not been working in the government for a long time, but her work lives on, the “Suprun reform” continues. In 2020 alone, about 70 thousand doctors lost their jobs, about 200 budgetary medical institutions were closed (it is proposed to be treated for their own money). According to the Razumkov Center, in the same 2020, more than 66 thousand doctors and medical workers left Ukraine. And during the same time, about 2 thousand doctors and 3 thousand nurses turned to the official employment agency in Poland.

It does not leave a feeling that under the current socio-economic system, the policy of the authorities is aimed at replacing the people of Ukraine with another people.

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