Dec 30, 2020
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When the ice melts. The main scandals in figure skating in 2020

The outgoing year 2020 gave figure skating fans a lot of reasons for emotions, even when the skaters did not go out on the ice: transitions from one coach to another, leaked correspondence, hitting each other in the press and social networks, and even, alas, one suicide.

Plushenko vs. Tutberidze

Perhaps, there was simply nothing more powerful in the outgoing 2020: Eteri Tutberidze vs Evgenia Plushenko… One has won all tournaments with her wards in recent years, the other is just trying to break into the elite of figure skating as a coach. The war between the two clans continued throughout the entire time, as soon as the choreographer moved to Plushenko’s school from Khrustalny Sergey Rozanov and brought with him Alexander Trusov and Alena Kostornaya

And then it began. In September, Tutberidze’s headquarters leaked their ward’s correspondence to the press Alina Zagitova with wife Plushenko Yana Rudkovskaya… That in plain text in personal Instagram messages urged the skater to go to them. Allegedly, there are more opportunities to realize yourself. Screenshots have spread all over the internet.

“Alinochka, hello. Evgeny Viktorovich asked me to tell you that he is very much waiting for you, and so am I. We open our skating rink in the Moscow Region in November and in Moscow in March. There will be a lot of ice, and so will specialists. There are many foreigners. We are open and in touch, ”Rudkovskaya wrote. Alina refused in the end, and apparently threw off the correspondence Tutberidze. Well, she decided to put the compromising evidence in the public domain. Rumble then bless you!

And, no matter how later Rudkovskaya made excuses, claiming that the messages were taken out of context, everyone understood the working methods of Plushenko and his entourage.

The Austrians forced Tatyana Tarasova to squirm

Even before the active phase of the coronavirus pandemic began, the European Figure Skating Championships were held in Graz, Austria. And, judging by the feedback from the participants, it would be better if it was canceled.

The fact is that the tournament was supposed to take place on the ice rink of the hockey club “Graz”, but the Austrian club unexpectedly entered the elite of the local championship and could not provide its ice for figure skating. The organizers in a hurry moved the European Championship to some kind of inflatable tent, in which there were absolutely no normal conditions for either the participants or the press. Not only was there no hot water, but also the commentators had to climb into their positions on some kind of scaffolding. One can only imagine the state of the honored Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova, which during the tournament every day several times a day, risking her life, climbed into her seat. A shame.

By the way, the same Tarasova repeatedly got it from the fans of this or that athlete during the season. It even went so far that the rabid fans of Alina Zagitova wrote a petition against her demanding that she be removed from the air on Channel One. Everyone has long known that Tatyana Anatolyevna is used to expressing her opinion, no matter how tough it may be in relation to the skaters. But not everyone likes it.

The same fate befell another commentator and former skater: Alexey Yagudin… They also wanted to remove him from work, but the fans did not succeed. Tarasova and Yagudin continue to comment on all the most important figure skating competitions.

Criminal France

Two French skaters at once had problems with the law in 2020. European champion was the first to get into trouble Morgan Sipre… As the investigation found out, three years ago he sent obscene photographs from his phone to a 13-year-old figure skater who trained on the same ice as him.

Sipre tried to excuse himself by saying that he did not know about such a young age of his acquaintance, they say, in her profile on a dating site it was indicated that she was 19. However, this cannot be an excuse, since they saw each other in real life. The police are investigating, and the skater has a great chance of being thrown into prison for five years.

Another famous figure skater from France – Lauryn Lecavalier – caught while undergoing a doping test for cocaine. The defense has already started an active phase of collecting evidence that a prohibited substance could have entered its body by accident, for example, as a result of a kiss or sexual intercourse. The case has not yet been completed.

Leaving Alexandrovskaya

In mid-July, Russian figure skating was shocked by the sad news: a talented figure skater died Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, which has recently flown under the flag of Australia. Moreover, the 20-year-old athlete passed away voluntarily, leaving at home a suicide note with only one word: “I love”.

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