Sep 15, 2021
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When the heating is turned on

When the heating is turned on

Autumn comes into its own, the time is getting closer when the apartments will become cool and we will start worrying about when the utility workers will turn on the heating. And in some regions of our vast country, this period has already begun.


However, it must be borne in mind that management companies cannot turn on heating at their discretion – there are regulations that establish the timing and procedure for this procedure. Relations in the field of heating residential buildings are regulated by several regulatory legal acts.

  • The main law is the Federal Law of 27.07.2010 No. 190-FZ “On Heat Supply”.
  • The general rules for heating residential buildings are established in Art. 7 chap. 3 of the Federal Law of 07.12.2011 No. 416-FZ “On water supply and wastewater disposal”.
  • The procedure for the provision of utilities for heating is enshrined in the rules approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 05/06/2011 No. 354.
  • SanPiN prescribes the permissible temperatures in apartments during the cold and warm seasons.


According to clause 2.6.9 of the Rules and Norms for the Technical Operation of the Housing Fund, approved by the Resolution of the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2003 No. 170, the start dates of the heating season in each region are set by local authorities. This is formalized by a special legal act, which is published on the municipal Internet resources, as well as in the local newspaper.

And in the government decree, which we spoke about, the conditions for the start of the heating season are spelled out. There are two of them: first – the average daily temperature outside should drop below +8 degrees, the second – this value should last five days. It turns out that even if the temperature is abnormally low for four days, and warming is promised on the fifth day, the heating will most likely be postponed.

First of all, heating is supplied to social buildings – clinics, kindergartens, schools. Then residential buildings are connected. Heating is started gradually, the whole process takes about two weeks.


According to the SanPiN standards, the living room should be at least +18 degrees, in the corner room – +20 degrees. If the temperature in your apartment is lower, you need to call the emergency dispatch service and leave a request to solve the problem with heating. Within one or two days, the cause of the malfunction must be found and eliminated, as well as notify you about it.

Also, be sure to demand that a representative of the Criminal Code come and record the fact of non-working batteries and low temperatures. The compiled act will become the basis for recalculating the cost of heating and will serve as evidence, which, if necessary, can be attached to the complaint.


We warn you right away: nothing can be done before the official start of the heating season. The Criminal Code launches the system in accordance with the deadlines set by the local authorities. If the deadlines for turning on the heating have already passed, but the house is still cold, you need to call your management companies or the heat supply organization and ask when they will give heating. If there is no heat in the whole house, you need to contact your UK or TSN, call the emergency dispatch service. If there is no effect, you should contact the Housing Inspectorate, the city administration, Rospotrebnadzor.

The management company is obliged to consider the claim to turn on the heating of the apartment building within 10 days and take appropriate measures. On the basis of this act, it will be possible to demand to recalculate the payment for heating for the entire period when there were problems with it. For each hour of non-compliance of the temperature with the established norms, the size of the heating payment is reduced by 0.15% of the monthly payment.

Sergey Klyuev.


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