Nov 8, 2022
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When reality is scarier than dystopia

Ukraine rewards Europe with biggest forced migration since World War II

If it was previously believed that 2015 was the busiest year in terms of the number of migrants rushing to Europe, now everything looks even more frightening.

Avalanches of new refugees have been warned for a long time. In 2005 Russian writer Elena Chudinova published a dystopian novel, The Mosque of Notre Dame. The events of the book take place in France, where Muslim migrants seized power. Sharia law has been legalized in the country, Catholic churches have been desecrated, Notre Dame Cathedral has been turned into a mosque, the French, who have not converted to Islam, have been evicted to ghettos… The novel takes place in 2048, but everything can happen much earlier: now refugees from Ukraine.

In July, the number of refugees from Africa and Asia alone (Ukraine does not count), who arrived in the countries of the European Union, exceeded 70 thousand people for the third month in a row.

The EU leadership is showing a strange apathy. “This time, the influx of refugees seems to be of no concern to anyone. There is an armed conflict in Ukraine, and around it there is an energy crisis, writes the Czech news portal – The migration problem has been relegated to the background. But the never-ending flow of refugees and the futile attempts to integrate them are a reminder that over the past seven years, the 27 countries of the European Union have not come close to solving this problem.”

The main influx of refugees, as before, is directed to France and Germany. These two countries have so far more or less withstood the onslaught, but in Britain, where migrants are also over the top, murmuring is becoming more and more audible. However, if Britain finances the “Houses for Ukraine” program, then other countries do it easier – they close the doors to migrants. They have already stopped criticizing Hungary, which erects high fences in the way of aliens. Denmark has ceased to be hospitable, it now, like Sweden, intends to drastically reduce the presence of guests

The Italian government has banned ships with humanitarian cargo from entering coastal waters, fearing the presence of illegal migrants on ships.

Anxious thoughts haunt the politicians of Austria, whose borders are crossed every day by crowds of people from the Middle East, Africa and even from India and Bangladesh. Due to the lack of housing in Austria, migrants are settled in tents. The other day, the press reported on a refugee from Afghanistan, Basharmal Mohammadi, who is forced to live with his family under the concrete stairs of a building in Brussels, not far from the royal palace.

Even worse is the situation of the African Doumby Alf, who wrote a bitter letter to French President Emmanuel Macron. He has no home, he sleeps in the open. Instead of a bed, he has a piece of cardboard; there is not a euro in his pocket.

As for immigrants from Ukraine, they, unlike other migrants, have a privileged position, receiving a residence permit from the EU and a priority right to receive housing and other services.

However, as noted New York TimesUkrainians are increasingly “causing some resentment”. In particular, due to exorbitant requirements, sometimes impudence

Europe is anxiously waiting for a new flow of refugees from Ukraine, fleeing from a cold winter, from power outages.

The main difficulties in receiving migrants await Poland. Since the beginning of the NWO, more than 7 and a half people have entered here from Ukraine, and now they are waiting for “a possible repetition of the influx of refugees.” The reason is not only military action. “The Ukrainian state should pay salaries to soldiers, policemen, teachers, nurses, doctors. The situation, when the state collects only 20-30 percent of taxes from pre-war times, threatens to collapse..

People have no choice. The other day, the Kyiv authorities announced a “total” evacuation of the inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital, if the electricity and water supply in the city are completely cut off. According to New York Timeswe are talking about the displacement of more than three (!) million people. How is this possible, no one knows!

The master of words and former boxer Vitali Klitschko teaches: “EIf we do not have electricity and water supply, consider if you have relatives and friends in the suburbs of Kyiv, where there is a separate water supply, stove, and heat to temporarily stay there. Please arrange in case of a bad scenario so that you can spend some time with your friends or acquaintances..

“Some time” is how much? After all, the first wave of Ukrainian migrants went to the Old World when Europe was still hospitable and not besieged by its own problems. Now a powerful energy crisis is pressing on Europeans, cold weather is approaching.

According to the head of the European Institute for Migration Policy, Hanne Beirens, “It will be a tough winter in Europe facing the biggest forced migration since World War II, the conflict in Ukraine is dragging on and Ukrainians are going to stay here longer”.

Too softly said Many migrants are not going to return to their homeland at all. Europe will have to either now them, or part with their notorious tolerance.

Photo: Tsargrad

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