May 14, 2020
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When patients with coronavirus are most infectious: the virologist gave an accurate answer

It became known why wearing a mask is mandatory in a pandemic / Photo

German virologist Christian Drosten, who was awarded a special prize for his outstanding contribution to highlighting the situation around the COVID pandemic - 19, said when people infected with a coronavirus are most infectious.

A scientist advocates wearing a mask during a pandemic. According to him, this precautionary measure will help prevent the involuntary spread of infection by those who are already infected, but still do not know about their disease, since it proceeds without symptoms, the Facts report.

The professor noted that according to the latest research, 19 percent of COVID infections - 05, occur before the symptoms of the virus carrier.

"Those who are infected are most infectious the day before the onset of symptoms. However, most of the infectious activity ends within four days after the onset of symptoms. If someone has had symptoms for four days, he almost ceases to be infectious. And after a week of having symptoms, he’s no longer contagious, "said Drosten.

P At the same time, the professor clarified that in this case we are not talking about severe cases. If a coronavirus infected person has a severe illness and needs to be connected to a ventilator, then such a patient is the most infectious. First of all, in this case, medical personnel are at risk.

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Recall that American scientists called the early symptom of the disease coronavirus COVID - 19, which may to say that the disease will proceed in a severe form. It is anosmia or loss of smell.

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