Apr 8, 2021
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When only doubt separates from vaccination. Vaccination myths

Often only doubt separates from vaccination. To dispel some of them “AiF” asked the head physician of the Diagnostic Center No. 5, Doctor of Medical Sciences Pavel Gulyaev.

A person does not go to the clinic to get vaccinated for fear of catching the coronavirus there. How big is the risk?

– 100 vaccination centers have been opened in Moscow polyclinics. The space is organized so that the flows of patients going to the scheduled appointment do not intersect with those who have come for the vaccination. Inside the medical facility, there are offices for the reception of a doctor who gives admission to vaccination, and vaccination rooms.

Many people, especially the elderly, take medications and take injections. What if some medication will weaken the effect of the vaccine?

– Before vaccination, the patient fills out a questionnaire in which he lists the medications taken. Taking them is not a contraindication, but the doctor will definitely highlight those with which you need to be vaccinated under more careful supervision.

Flu shot. Should it “interfere” with the coronavirus vaccine?

– If you have received any other vaccine (against influenza, measles, etc.), refrain from vaccination for 30 days. This period is sufficient.

What if you get COVID-19 after the first of two shots?

– Nothing bad will happen. In my experience, it is much easier for people to tolerate the disease after the first injection than those who have not been vaccinated. Indeed, the vaccine is designed for two injections with a breakdown in time to form long-term immunity, but even the first vaccine will allow you to live safer.

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