Sep 20, 2021
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When Germany turns away from Nord Stream 2: German economist gave an answer

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The expert called the condition of a new aggravation around the pipeline

The Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has already been fully completed and is ready for commissioning. However, rumors around our pipeline do not cease. Thus, the experienced German economist Urs Unkauf is convinced that the war of German political forces on this issue is not over yet.

The representative of the expert community recalled that parliamentary elections will be held in Germany soon. If the Greens become the ruling party, the situation around Russian energy communications will deteriorate sharply.

Representatives of this political force are trumpeting at every corner about the allegedly detrimental impact of our pipeline on the environment. Anti-Russian lobbyists use this pretext to fight Nord Stream 2. Of course, if they take power in Germany, the situation around putting the gas pipeline into operation will escalate.

However, according to the German economist, after the formation of the new government, in any case, the revision of a number of agreements on the Baltic pipeline will begin. Unkauf is confident that the new FRG authorities, whatever their composition, will act on the basis of the “new green paradigm.” This state of affairs should negatively affect the implementation of the Russian energy project, Izvestia writes.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation is optimistic about the future. Thus, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said with full confidence that our country is ready to withstand sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

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