Sep 21, 2022
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When and how to clean sewer pipes

When and how to clean sewer pipesWhen and how to clean sewer pipes

Even the most careful person can get clogged sewer pipes. This is because they accumulate fat that hardens in water, which is washed off from dishes, food debris and various garbage. Hair is a common cause of blockages in the bathroom. As a result, the clearance of sewer pipes begins to decrease, patency becomes more difficult and at one moment they stop passing drains. Therefore, it is important to call a specialist in time and fix the problem.

When does a drain need to be cleaned urgently?

There are a number of signs that sewer cleaning will be required in the near future:

  • water from the sink or bath drains too slowly;
  • there is an unpleasant odor coming from the drain;
  • while using the sink, dirty water begins to rise from the associated drain hole, for example, in the bath;
  • while flushing the toilet, the water level rises sharply.

Methods for cleaning sewer pipes

Removing blockages on your own is rarely effective enough. To clean the pipes efficiently, the services of specialists are required. They usually use two main cleaning methods.

Hydrodynamic sewer cleaning

In this case, water is supplied under pressure into the clogged pipes. Delivery is carried out through various nozzles. Strong pressure erodes and destroys contaminants and frees the pipe from clogging. This method is efficient, fast and safe.

Electromechanical method

Eliminating blockages by electromechanical means is simple and effective. The main tool in this case is a special spiral cable. With the help of a cable, you can break through any blockages and remove plugs of various types. This method allows you to overcome angular bends and ramifications. Plastic pipes are not damaged by the cable.

Benefits of hiring specialists

Professional sewer cleaning can bring many advantages:

  1. All work is carried out by specialists, which is reflected in the quality of the result.
  2. It is possible to eliminate any kind of pollution in pipes made of different materials.
  3. Work is carried out in a short time, which is very important in case of blockages.
  4. Damage to communications occurs extremely rarely, since all methods and means are certified and safe.
  5. The work performed is guaranteed.
  6. The capacity of the pipe is fully restored, which virtually eliminates subsequent blockages in the foreseeable future.

The process of cleaning the sewer includes several stages. First, experts remove the resulting traffic jam. Then they clean the entire diameter and return the pipe to its original capacity.

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