Apr 27, 2022
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When a Relationship Goes Bad, You Have 3 Options

When a Relationship Goes Bad, You Have 3 Options

Not all, but most relationships have a very similar scenario.

The couple meets. They first have love, passion, attraction. Then the feeling is strengthened and love appears. They live, sometimes get married. Everything seems fine at first, but then…

Claims and grievances accumulate. If the couple does not address these issues, the situation gets worse and worse. When former lovers begin to get annoyed with each other’s words, it seems it’s time to break this union.

Why is this happening?

There are many reasons. Someone chooses the wrong and inappropriate partner. Others have outgrown and are tired of each other. There are those who no longer feel love.

Adult people, starting to build relationships, do not understand that you need to constantly work on happiness in the union. Feelings alone won’t get you far. No matter how much you would like.

Relations in this case are broken either at the request of one of the partners, or because of fatigue.

For example, a woman is tired of dragging out a relationship and decides to break it off. This is not manipulation, this is desperation.

The man understands that this is not a threat. This is truly the finale of such a long and important story. He begins to be afraid and rush about from experiences. For the first time he realizes that all the grievances of his chosen one are not just stupid claims. These are real problems. He didn’t hear, he didn’t see. Didn’t even want to realize.

All this time she was looking for causality in herself, analyzed, searched. Tried to talk to him, did he? – nothing good or bad. Just indifference.

She decides to end everything. And then he understands: it’s time to tell her love, ask how you are, give gifts, appreciate and respect. And she does not even react her love has dried up. She doesn’t need his flowers, compliments. She doesn’t want him as a man. The woman is too tired to love.

This is where the relationship ends. On fatigue and indifference.

If you do not draw conclusions, then everything is useless. Even if you start a new relationship, history will repeat itself over and over again. This is fine. This is due to your psychological state and worldview. Strive for introspection and self-improvement.

The outcome of the relationship in which such problems arose:

  • Divorce.
  • Shared accommodation. Hatred for each other. Treason.
  • Understand that you still love each other and don’t want to hurt each other. Go to a specialist. Start family therapy. Listen to each other, solve problems and prevent the accumulation of resentment.

The first option is the natural finale of extinct feelings. The second outcome is a terrible existence in hatred, anger, lies. This can be called voluntary sacrifice.

But the third way is the most pleasant, albeit extremely difficult. It will be a struggle for the love of two loving and wise people. Everything will work out if you try hard enough.

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