Aug 4, 2022
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When a Client Decided to Grow a Beard

When a Client Decided to Grow a BeardShaver Babyliss Pro

The task of a professional barber is to support the client’s stylish transformation and help in their implementation: whether it is a fashionable haircut, stylish coloring or a desire to grow a beard. The range of the online store provides craftsmen with the opportunity to purchase quality products from trusted brands: Babyliss Pro shaver, Rebel razor, Moser NEOLiner trimmer.

But let’s dwell on the question of how to help a client grow a beard? First of all, the barber’s companion will be the necessary tools:

  • shavers;
  • trimmers;
  • scissors;
  • chavets.

Shavers are a versatile modeling tool. Its size is comfortable to hold. It can work from the network and from the battery. The design decorates the barber’s workplace. The client does not feel the shaver, which gently and painlessly glides over the skin. It does not leave an allergic reaction. The store cooperates with the brands BaByliss PRO, GB ZERO, Wahl and Moser for dry shaving.

Trimmer task:

  • hair growth correction
  • shape modeling,
  • edging,
  • cutting

The tool has a number of nozzles and can be powered by mains and battery. offers to choose trimmers from manufacturers GB, MOSER, JRL, MOSER, BaByliss PRO, which are guaranteed to last a long time in operation and are comfortable to use.

The online store is convenient in that you can choose all the accessories to help a man grow a well-groomed beard: shavings, blades, shaving brushes, shaving bowls, brushes made of environmentally friendly materials. A man himself can become a client, who wants to take care of himself, give shape and edging between visits to the barbershop.

But the presence of tools is not enough for the master to help. Growing a beard is a lengthy and not always pleasant process. Barber, like a psychologist, will have to morally support the client. Consultations will be needed in such cases:

  • Hair grows slowly or the volume does not suit a man.

Perhaps this is due to the individual characteristics of a person. Proper nutrition and the use of cosmetics, which include beeswax, almond and coconut oils, help accelerate hair growth.

  • Peeling and dry skin.

The reason for this problem can be weather conditions and a lack of vitamins. The skin needs nourishment and hydration.

  • Fast.

This manifestation is considered normal at the very beginning of growing a beard. Hair that was previously shaved grows back and curls. You can make yourself feel better with the help of oils and lotions.

  • Eruptions.

The rash causes discomfort and negatively affects the appearance. Regular hygiene procedures using moisturizing oils and disinfectant lotions eliminate the problem.

  • Dandruff.

Stress, water imbalance and fungal diseases cause dandruff. Choose the right shampoos and gels.

The master recommends anti-allergic agents to solve the client’s problems. Suitable AMERICAN CREW cosmetics are available at

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