Oct 6, 2021
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When a bee is “under the fly”

When a bee is “under the fly”

In hot weather, drunk bees are often found in meadows and fields. They, like a drunk person, can behave with increased aggressiveness.

Many beekeepers say that the nectar of flowers begins to ferment from the intense heat, and the bee that collects it gets drunk from the dose of alcohol. As a result, the hop bee is chatting from side to side during the flight, it can attack a person with special frenzy. And this is quite understandable: according to foreign studies, such insects often encounter rejection from their relatives. A drunken bee is not allowed into the hive by the guardian bees, which, of course, causes resentment and irritation in her.

Eyewitnesses from the Moscow region say that they saw with their own eyes how bees en masse write out sharp turns, they are hindered by walls, bushes and trees, and fences. They hit these obstacles with loud noises and frighten gardeners.

Do bees really get drunk from fermented nectar, or is there another version of their strange behavior? The National Union of Beekeepers of Russia clarified: at 30 degrees of heat, nectar by plants practically ceases to be released. Starving bees are forced to switch to leaves, they remove the so-called span from them. It is a sweet sticky liquid, which is secreted by insects living on the leaves, the bees process this liquid into honey. But, alas, of the lowest quality.

But intoxication overtakes bees when they use plants affected by fungal diseases or treated with chemicals. This sick span is one of the reasons for the violent behavior of honey insects.

Alas, there is also a human factor. Unscrupulous beekeepers not only feed sugar syrup to bees, they also add alcohol to it. “The drunken bee begins to plunder the neighboring apiaries. And she can get into the hive freely – the alien swarm living there will not interfere with her, ”the National Union of Beekeepers explained. So it is necessary to fight, rather, not with the bee “under the fly”, but with those who crank these ugly procedures. Experts say that a beekeeper who has drenched insects can be revealed: for this, a non-toxic paint must be applied to the hive above the entrance, then the drunk bee touches the painted place with its back, then the surrounding apiaries are studied and the tagged bee is located along with its owner.

Evgeny Alexandrov.


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