Jan 11, 2022
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What’s in Kazakhstan: Latest News and Comments, January 12

New composition of government and candidacy of Prime Minister approved in Kazakhstan

Tuesday, January 11, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev spoke at a meeting of the Mazhilis (lower house of parliament). The meeting was devoted to the approval of candidates for the new government of Kazakhstan, the president also presented a candidate for the post of prime minister – Alikhana Smailova… The deputies approved all of the president’s proposals.

* * *

In his speech at the parliamentary session, Tokayev made a number of statements, the main ones of which are:

– A terrorist war was unleashed against Kazakhstan. The enemy showed extreme cruelty.

– The KNB of Kazakhstan did not recognize the threat to national security in the event of the riots, although the terrorist attacks that took place had been preparing for many years. The coup d’état in Kazakhstan was planned by professionals, and if their plan succeeded, the country could lose the city of Alma-Ata and even the entire south of Kazakhstan.

– In a number of cities, the leaders of the KNB handed over the buildings of law enforcement agencies without resistance – with weapons and classified documentation.

– In the riots that have occurred, a special investigative operational group will understand, which will definitely identify those who were behind this. The law enforcement system will be reformed.

– Political reforms will also be carried out, since there is a need to change the agreement between the state and society.

– The state is taking a course to eliminate property stratification, which should not be, the income of the population will grow as the economy grows.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

* * *

The President of Kazakhstan also announced the timing of the withdrawal of the CSTO peacekeeping forces from Kazakhstan. According to him, the withdrawal of the peacekeepers will begin in two days.

“The main mission of the CSTO peacekeeping forces has been successfully completed. Phased withdrawal will begin in two days. The withdrawal process of the contingent will take no more than 10 days “,

– said Tokayev, stressing that riots and armed clashes no longer pose a threat to the Kazakh authorities and, in general, the country is returning to a peaceful life.

Thus, no more than three weeks will pass from the moment the decision is made to send troops to the end of their withdrawal.

* * *

And one more important statement was made by the President, according to which it can be concluded that the Nazarbayev era in Kazakhstan is over.

“Thanks to the first president – Elbasy – a group of very profitable companies and a layer of wealthy people, even by international standards, have appeared in the country. Therefore, the government will have to determine the range of companies and agree with them the amount of annual contributions to the national fund. In addition, I expect active participation from those persons who, in fact, possessing huge funds, remain in the shadows, ”

– said Tokayev.

He recalled that the problem of inequality has worsened in the country. And although the official average salary in Kazakhstan looks pretty decent, the average figures hide a strong property stratification in society. Against this background, only representatives of financial and oligarchic groups grew rich, which is unacceptable, the president noted. To combat social inequality, a five-year moratorium has been announced on increasing the salaries of ministers, heads of regions and deputies.

* * *

Head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu stated that the CSTO peacekeeping forces will complete the mission in Kazakhstan after the situation in the state has completely stabilized.

“The implementation of tasks by the Collective Peacekeeping Forces will be carried out until the situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is completely stabilized, of course, by decision of the leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan”,

– explained Shoigu on Tuesday, January 11, during a conference call.

The CSTO said that the procedure for the withdrawal of peacekeepers will be determined after an official appeal from Kazakhstan.

CSTO peacekeepers on the streets of Alma-Ata

CSTO peacekeepers on the streets of Alma-Ata

* * *

President Tokayev instructed to restore order at customs, especially highlighting the border with China.

“The real mess that is happening there is well known: cars are not inspected, taxes and duties are not paid. The discrepancy in the mirror statistics with the Chinese customs authorities reaches billions of dollars, “

– quotes Tokayev SputnikKZ

Thus, the president decided to put things in order with Chinese smuggling, which is estimated by experts at billions of dollars.

* * *

The situation in Almaty (Alma-Ata, Verny) is gradually stabilizing. Tuesday night passed calmly, the city was quiet. After 23:00, local residents sit at home – there is a curfew in the city.

During the day, the city comes alive. In supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies, there are small queues at the cash registers. There is no shortage of food, and prices, according to Almaty residents, have not changed much, the correspondent of the MIR 24 TV and radio company reports.

The office of MIR 24 in Alma-Ata was looted and burned, almost everything burned down, the TV and radio company suffered enormous damage.

The only thing that survived the conflagration were tripods, company employees say. Video filming is now carried out only on mobile phones, there is not even transport left, but the most valuable thing that MIR has lost is the archive, which has been collected for 30 years.

Video: The destroyed office of MIR 24 in Kazakhstan. Scary footage.

* * *

An interesting fact – Turkish shopping centers were practically not damaged as a result of the pogroms in the center of Almaty. In the former capital of Kazakhstan, not a single whole store, office, cafe, restaurant remained in the center. Turkish shops stand out against the background of the general picture of pogroms, in particular, a huge supermarket Ramstore Turkish company Migros Turk absolutely not hurt, no looting, and even all the windows are intact, according to the military correspondent Semyon Pegov from the scene.

* * *

One of the branches of the 12 Months construction store in Almaty incurred losses in the amount of hundreds of millions of tenge. The store was guarded by only four watchmen, who could not cope with the crowd that attacked the store.

“The shopping areas were completely and ruthlessly destroyed. Tiles and other products, which were difficult to carry, were smashed and damaged. Vandals destroyed the expensive equipment for painting paint. In addition, they tried to set fire to warehouses with building materials. ATMs, store cash registers and administration offices were damaged. The total damage amounted to 420 million tenge “,

– reported in the store.

In the branch they found knives, axes and cartridges from firearms – everything was looted. It is still unknown when the store will start working.

In one of the 12 Months stores in Almaty

In one of the 12 Months stores in Almaty

* * *

During the riots, residents of Alma-Ata and Shymkent (Chimkent) left for Baikonur, knowing that it was safe there. There were so many refugees that huge queues formed at the entrance to Baikonur. The citizens of Kazakhstan understood that it would be calm on the territory controlled by Russian law enforcement officers, and they were not mistaken.

* * *

Shymkent is the only large city in Kazakhstan where the CSTO peacekeeping forces were not involved, the townspeople coped themselves. Despite the fact that the city akimat stormed about four thousand people, the local security forces were able to stop the aggressive crowd and did not allow the radicals into the administrative building. On the way to the akimat, the militants smashed everything and plundered the METRO supermarket located nearby. The Exhibition Center in the city was also destroyed. But now in Shymkent they are putting things in order, removing garbage, military and city activists are on duty in the streets.

During the riots, more than 120 people were taken to the Shymkent hospital with knife and bullet wounds, as well as with traces of beatings. 48 of them are police and military.


* * *

The CSTO peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan are engaged in the protection of important state and socially significant facilities: television power plants, bakeries, television centers, water supply enterprises, airports. In the service of the peacekeeping contingent, unmanned aircraft – UAVs are used as aerial reconnaissance, controlling the situation in the regions.

CSTO peacekeepers

* * *

In the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (Astana, Akmolinsk, Tselinograd), the situation is stable. But roadblocks have been set up along the perimeter of the city, police officers conduct door-to-door and door-to-door rounds, and a curfew has been imposed from 23:00 to 7:00. Akim of Nur-Sultan appealed to the residents of the capital and urged them to observe the state of emergency, not to visit crowded places, not to succumb to the calls of destructive forces and to believe only official sources of information.

* * *

In the Akmola region, 400 athletes of the city took care of the protection of public order, who are sent together with the police on night raids.

“During this difficult time, we must stick together and help each other. We are against lawlessness, terrorism, looting. We are for a peaceful country. We all have families, we need to think about and take care of them. We cannot lose the prosperity created in Kazakhstan for 30 years of independence. Let’s be patriots! “

– called the athletes.

Patrolling of settlements in Akmola region will continue until the end of the state of emergency.

Based on materials from the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan, KNB, TASS, Telegram channels of MTRK Mir, Orda_Kz, NUR.KZ, Sputnik Kyrgyzstan, sputnikKZ, WarGonzo

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