Jan 11, 2021
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What young housewives need to know about washing pillows

What young housewives need to know about washing pillows

Every housewife knows that bed linen should be washed approximately once every one to two weeks. But what about your pillows? It is unlikely that you wash them or give them to dry cleaning twice a year. And they deserve no less attention, because you sleep on them.

Over time, yellow sweat stains begin to appear on the pillows, and dust and debris accumulate inside. And buying new ones several times a year is not an option at all. To bring back the sparkling whiteness of the pillows, we have prepared for you detailed instructions on how to clean them.

Moreover, this method is suitable for cotton, down and synthetic pillows.

How to properly wash pillows

Take off your pillowcases, they need to be washed separately. If your pillows have special covers, wash them separately as well.

Put the pillows in the washing machine. It is better to wash two at once, so the machine can maintain balance, and the pillows will not hit the walls.

Add detergent. To effectively whiten pillows and get rid of yellowness, mix 1 cup powder detergent, 1 cup bleach, and half a cup borax.

Run the wash in the hottest possible water. It is also necessary to provide for 2 rinses so that there is no chemistry left.

That’s all! After that, you need to thoroughly dry the pillows. You can throw tennis balls into the drum during the wash to keep the fluff from straying.

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