Oct 24, 2021
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What you need to know before moving in with a guy (in his own words)

What you need to know before moving in with a guy (in his own words)

Know this before moving in with your boyfriend.

On behalf of most men, let me say that we know that living with us is not easy. If you think you’re ready to move in with your boyfriend, this may not be quite what you are expecting. Here are a few things you should know about:

1. You need to find a quiet corner where you can be alone.

Living together means spending a lot of time together, and many more opportunities to get on each other’s nerves. It is better that each of you have your own corner, a favorite place in the house, where you can be alone with yourself.

2. We are either clean or dirty.

Yes, most men live in disarray if no one cleans up after them. But there are those who are simply obsessed with cleanliness. And both types can be annoying. Moreover, you may not know which of them your boyfriend belongs to until you start living with him.

3. Be ready to see our other side.

How a guy behaves on dates and how he behaves when you live together are two different things. At home, most of us are more relaxed, carefree, and self-centered. When you move in, he will less hide his unsightly sides, which he was afraid to show before. And you probably too.

4. We think your serials and TV shows are stupid.

Do you think living together means falling asleep in an embrace and watching your favorite TV shows? No matter how it is. Soon you will realize that your boyfriend hates all your TV shows and series, even if he agreed to watch them before (it was just out of courtesy).

5. Toilet and bathroom may not be the most pleasant place.

Even if you move in with a guy who is clean, you can still discover his strange hygiene habits that you did not know about before.

6. You will be angry.

When you move in, you won’t have a new honeymoon. Maybe even the other way around. There will be things that will make you angry and annoyed. The point is to only pay attention to the really important points. If you dwell on small things, you will start to doubt your decision to live together.

7. You will need a financial plan.

The 50:50 system does not always work. Maybe some of you are used to buying expensive things, while the other is saving and saving money for some purpose. You should discuss this before moving in.

8. Get ready to get sick.

When you live with someone, and even more so sleep with him in the same bed, the likelihood of the spread of bacteria and viruses increases. Interestingly, some studies show that there are more germs in men’s apartments than women’s. So prepare your immune system for cohabitation.

9. Sex drive may decrease.

If you decide to live together, this does not mean that you will have endless sex. In fact, the opposite is true. When you live together, you always have the opportunity to make love, so you put it off for later. Yes, and you begin to see each other in a not always perfect form. It can reduce libido.

10. You will have to remind him of dates.

Many men relax when they start living with a girlfriend. Even if you haven’t gotten married yet, he thinks it’s done. As a result, he stops trying to arrange dates for you or interesting entertainment.

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