Jan 5, 2022
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What will the new US ambassador bring to Moldova?

The candidacy of the US ambassador suggests that Washington has serious plans for Moldova

“It is not long before the position of the head of the American diplomatic mission – and, in the opinion of some, the entire republic – will cease to be empty. A couple of days before the new year, a gift in the form of the oath of Kent Doyle Logsdon was put under the Moldovan Christmas tree, and now nothing prevents him from taking up his official duties in Moldova, ”

– informs the Moldovan analytical internet publication Regional Trends Analytics (RTA)

What will the new US ambassador bring to Moldova?

This event is far from an ordinary one, the newspaper notes – it is this embassy that plays a big role in the internal affairs of Moldova, it is enough to recall the previous US ambassador Derek Hogan… For three years he managed to do a lot – “hammered the last nail into the coffin lid” of the regime Power of Plohotnyuk (it was after a conversation with Hogan that the oligarch left the country), helped to smooth the situation after the collapse of the union of socialists and the ACUM bloc, and most importantly – to bring a completely pro-Western and controlled new government to power.

At the same time, Hogan was not shy and acted assertively, often going beyond the bounds of decency, reminds RTA, inspecting the state institutions of Moldova almost every day, not letting the situation get out of control, especially during the election campaign. Well, after the parliamentary elections, with a sense of accomplishment, Hogan left the country, preparing everything for the next American emissary, whose candidacy only confirms once again that Washington has quite serious plans for Moldova.

“Kent Logsdon is a very qualified career diplomat with extensive experience in both the State Department and American diplomatic missions in countries such as Germany, Georgia and Ukraine. That is, he is a prepared person, well acquainted with the specifics of the post-Soviet space, especially with that part of it that resists Russian influence and holds a confident course towards Euro-Atlantic integration, ”

– writes the author of the article, a Moldovan political scientist Semyon Albu

He has no doubts that the new ambassador has not one task, but many: big and small. Among the latter – to get off the ground with the transfer of the territory of the Republican Stadium to the United States for the construction of a new building of the diplomatic mission – the expanded diplomatic mission can no longer fit in the old building. But these are trifles in comparison with the rest of the tasks that the new ambassador will have to solve. And among these tasks in the first place is the complete “cleanup” of Russian influence in Moldova – Kent Doyle Logsdon already announced that this influence “Threatens the democratic development of the republic, the process of reforms and European integration”… This means, according to Semyon Albu, that the ambassador will deal with the issues of military depots on the left bank of the Dniester and the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers, and then the final solution of the Transnistrian issue. At least Logsdon has already announced his plans. Yes, and in Washington recently, more and more attention is paid to the Transnistrian conflict, the political scientist notes. He explains this by the fact that right now a big diplomatic game is unfolding around Eastern Europe, especially Moldova and Ukraine. However, the development of further events in the region will depend on whether Russia and the United States can come to a compromise. If they can, the Transnistrian issue will be resolved, and Chisinau will not be able to resist this decision – it will be presented with a fact, whether he likes this decision or not. If a compromise fails, then further breakdown of ties with Russia and an anti-Russian foreign policy will continue.

“The way the situation will develop will become clear, most likely this year. In any case, whatever happens in the future, one thing can be said – the new US ambassador in the near future will definitely be one of the most prominent faces of our policy, ”

– concludes Analytics of regional trends

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