Oct 12, 2021
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What will help maintain vigor and health during the autumn storm

What will help maintain vigor and health during the autumn storm

What if there is no energy and you constantly want to sleep?

canopy is a stressful period for the body. Several simple and effective ways to help you get rid of the autumn blues without doctors and pills. What if there is no energy and you constantly want to sleep?

Marina Churilova, general practitioner:
– Our biorhythms change in autumn. Daylight hours are getting shorter, the body produces more melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep – wakefulness.

It is difficult to wake up in the morning, but already at seven in the evening it tends to fall asleep. Instead of falling into hibernation, I advise you to observe sleep hygiene: fall asleep and wake up at the same time, even on weekends.

Elena Otaraeva, personal fitness trainer:
– You need to wake up with the sun. In the fall, we shift our morning workouts half an hour to an hour later. This is true for both “owls” and “larks.”

Modern man is universal in this regard and can develop his own convenient regime. The gradual adjustment of the time of the classes increases the effect of the pleasure from them.

Elena Anisimova, nutritionist:
– I advise you to definitely revise your diet. It is believed that nothing is as invigorating as natural coffee. And few people know that oatmeal is in the first place among natural energy drinks.

Vitamin B1 will increase endurance, fiber and carbohydrates will provide long-term satiety and burst of energy. Pulses, nuts, bananas, carrots and spinach are also energizing.

How to tame appetite and lose weight without dieting?

Marina Churilova, general practitioner:
– The metabolic rate slows down in autumn, and the activity of the intestines increases. And if earlier the program of storing energy in the form of fat worked for a person, now it plays a cruel joke with him.

We have access to sweets and fats all year round, so obesity is already taking on the scale of a pandemic.

Moderate exercise, fractional meals is the only way out.

Elena Otaraeva, personal fitness trainer:
– I do not recommend reducing the intensity of training in the fall, it all depends on the level of training. Moreover, it is more comfortable to train in autumn: there is no heat and it is easier to breathe, the air is more ionized.

Ideal for starting at least running and walking more.

And it is easy to regulate metabolism with the help of water: drink a little during the day, without waiting for the onset of thirst.

Elena Anisimova, nutritionist:
– In the fall, I do not advise going on a diet, since this is actually a movement against the stream. The best diet is a properly balanced diet.

More vegetables and fruits, but not in the evening, low-calorie foods and little tricks from a nutritionist are all you need for an ideal weight.

For example, if you serve a small table instead of a large one, the amount of food consumed per day will be reduced by 20 percent. And the best way to prevent the accumulation of extra calories is to eat celery.

How to raise immunity so as not to get sick?

Marina Churilova, general practitioner:
– Magnetic storms, changes in the temperature regime, restructuring of metabolism, exacerbation of chronic diseases – all this especially negatively affects the work of the heart.

To prevent unpleasant consequences, you need to slightly reduce physical activity, take vitamins and monitor the diet.

More fresh air, immunomodulating drugs will help support the body’s reserves.

Elena Otaraeva, personal fitness trainer:
– To protect yourself from colds, we put on “breathing” clothes for training, additionally insulate the neck and protect the ankle.

The best immunomodulator is a good mood. Pamper yourself with your loved ones, and even if you lost your temper a little after eating too much, it doesn’t matter. Do not scold yourself for the eaten marshmallow, exhausting you with additional loads. It is better to arrange a compensation day once a week when you can indulge in your little weaknesses.

A disciplined organism will regulate everything by itself.

Elena Anisimova, nutritionist:
– The most powerful weapon against microbes is everyone’s favorite mushrooms. They are rich in selenium and beta glucan for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Fresh garlic, red peppers, and ginger also reduce the risk of catching a cold.

Tea, yogurt and, to the delight of those with a sweet tooth, dark chocolate are good help against diseases. But there is no need to eat it when you are already sick. In this case, the sugar it contains will feed your viruses. All orange foods are also a solid yes.

Five reasons to enjoy autumn

  • Shopping with discounts. Autumn is the best time for summer shopping: you can safely buy the ever-trendy bikinis, jeans and floral prints at ridiculous prices.
  • Hot mulled wine. With cinnamon, honey, fruits and your beloved friends, both hemoglobin will increase your mood.
  • Red lipstick. She looks great with austere and usually dark fall clothing.
  • Open windows. While it’s still a plus on the street, it is better to sleep in a ventilated room. If you start now, the winter won’t be terrible.
  • Saving money. If you have a dream – to buy a new car or to renovate the furniture in the house, then it is best to start saving for a dream in the autumn months.
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