Jan 30, 2021
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What will be the price for a concession to American hegemony

According to Chatham Hous, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Europe can now breathe more freely. New President Joe Biden does not believe that NATO, in addition to being stricken with “brain death” (as Emmanuel Macron thinks), is also a parasite, that European capitals should take upon themselves to pay for their “strategic independence.” Of the two concepts around which the Old and New Worlds have fought over the past four years (“strategic independence”? “European sovereignty”?), The second is becoming more and more sensitive for Brussels.

The craving for independence was awakened in the EU after Trump imposed duties of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum, as well as increased tariffs on aircraft components, wine and brandy from Germany and France.

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Photo: REUTERS POOL New

Brussels responds to Washington with punitive duties on American food, jeans and motorcycles Harley-davidson… The European Union wants independence from the US in trade, investment, energy and technology – will the new US president accept this? His team includes transatlantists who are betting on the restoration of the old alliance with Europe. However, there are now significantly fewer of them, since goals that are much more important for Washington have appeared. The main thing is confrontation with China. And then Frau Merkel managed on the last day of Germany’s presidency of the Council of Europe, together with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, to sign an investment agreement with Beijing (Comprehensive Investment Agreement, CAI).

Chatham house

IN Chatham house note that “the EU’s haste to agree on CAI has angered some members of Biden’s team, but the reaction of the majority in the European Union is such that there is no need to ask the US for permission to sign an investment agreement with China. In other words, the desire for economic sovereignty is clearly expressed “

Russia is no less irritating for the United States. Most in the Biden administration are willing to work on this front alongside Germany, which looks across the Atlantic as a major European player in the US-coordinated crisis in Ukraine. And the fact that Merkel resists, not wanting to give up Nord Stream 2 to Washington’s mercy, is causing the predatory shriek of American hawks. The new president, barely sitting in the White House, immediately signed new anti-Russian sanctions. Will anti-German sanctions follow them?

Barge Fortune

In the US, the most sober heads understand that much has already been lost in the competition with China. A partial check of the readiness of all systems by the coronavirus epidemic has been carried out. However, what will be the price for a concession to American hegemony? And what will the end of this hegemony be – a smooth slide or an attempt to drag everyone into the abyss in the last dash?

The Atlanticist group in the Biden administration will be led by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (Anthony Blinken)… The Rivalry Group – New Senior Indo-Pacific Policy Coordinator at the NSC Kurt Campbell (Kurt Campbell)… Jake Sullivan may be a key figure in the tug of the scales (Jake Sullivan), a national security adviser to the new administration, who views US foreign policy as “securing and maintaining America’s global leadership.”

Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan

The European Union now has a lot of problems, besides the fever with coronavirus vaccines. For example, Euractiv reminds: the city of Bukhach (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – both the city authorities and residents – does not allow reopening the camp for migrants, which was closed in September. Residents are ready to physically resist the return of illegal immigrants.

The Czech Parliament has amended the law on food, establishing the required minimum for the sale of domestically produced food for large stores. Starting next year, the minimum should be 55%, and by 2028, it should grow to 73% of food products sold. The measure is designed to support their peasants. The European Commission considers the freedom of movement of goods in the EU single market one of the basic foundations of the European Union, but the EU countries, one after another, are introducing protectionist measures in the agricultural sector in order to restrict food imports.

Even during the first wave of the “pandemic” Bulgaria tried to oblige mainly foreign supermarket chains to make local products a priority in sales, but was forced to abandon this due to pressure from Brussels. Euronews reports that if a Polish farmer receives from Brussels a subsidy of 25 cents for each kilogram of apples grown and another 25 cents of a subsidy from Warsaw, a Bulgarian farmer receives only one and a half cents of a Brussels subsidy for the same kilogram. “Is this what solidarity should be?” – asks Euronews

We can say that the trillion euros launched into the European economy “for recovery” has not yet begun to work and the time will come when both the Pole and the Bulgarian will be happy, but so far Denmark completely stops accepting applications for refugee status due to the threat to the country’s unity … This was announced the other day by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (Mette Frederiksen)… In 2020, Denmark reviewed 1,547 such applications – at least since the peak of the refugee crisis in 2015. And the cup overflowed. The slogan “Europe without borders” no longer works.

So what is Europe breathing with today, mechanically uniting 27 countries with different levels of economic development, political maturity, and different cultures? Artificial unity inevitably gives rise to conflicts between those countries of the union that seek to create a new international center of power, and “recruits” who are ready to throw themselves into the arms of the Americans in order to “befriend” against their neighbor … The United States has too strong a financial attraction so that part of Europe does not break in two. “United Europe” increasingly appears to be an artificial formation, which cannot but be a union of unequal members of the community.

Cover photo: Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken, REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

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