Oct 30, 2021
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What wallpaper should be chosen for the bedroom: designer tips

What wallpaper should be chosen for the bedroom: designer tips

Thinking about the interior of the bedroom, first of all, you should still focus on your own preferences in colors.

Sonmologists have proven that the quality of sleep depends not only on physical activity during the day, but also on the color scheme of the walls in the room where the person sleeps.
Going to bed in the evening, each of us dreams of falling asleep as soon as possible. The more you sleep, the better the body rests from everyday work.

The quality of sleep is influenced by many factors: whether the person is hungry, whether he has ventilated the room before going to bed, whether he has watched horror films, etc. But there is another factor that determines how strong and high-quality sleep will be. It turned out that it depends, among other things, on the color of the walls in the bedroom. Psychologists told what they should be, ideally.

First of all, in a specialized store, you need to rely not only on the advice of sellers, prices or even fashion trends, but also on your preferences in colors. If you do not like one of the recommended colors, you should not force yourself to love it, just because “it is so right.” Believe me, a deep sleep in a room where you are uncomfortable will remain a dream.

And yet, what colors should you pay attention to?

Blue… This color tends to have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system. In addition, the blue walls visually expand the space of the room. Sonmologists, by the way, say that this color is the best choice for the bedroom.

Brown and beige. These are versatile colors that many people like and suit any style. They are associated with warmth and comfort. Therefore, it will be easy and pleasant to be in the bedroom with such wallpaper.

Gray. This is the same versatile color as the previous ones. It relaxes, calms, gives a person a feeling of coziness and comfort. Sleeping in a room with gray walls is good. The only problem is that some people find this color boring and inexpressive, “faceless”. If you are one of them, take a look at wallpaper in other colors.

Yellow. For most people, it is associated with good mood, joy and optimism. Therefore, too bright wallpaper of yellow or similar shades should not be glued in the bedroom. But calm, muted shades will be just right. They will help you calm down after a busy day.

Green… Like yellow, it helps to improve mood and calmness.

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