Oct 27, 2021
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What Vladimir Putin thinks about at night

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon (Shevkunov) (from left to right)

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon (Shevkunov) (from left to right) (Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS)

Recently Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon Shevkunov, popularly known as the “confessor of the president” said that the authority of the president Vladimir Putin so great, so much he achieved during the years of his reign, especially in the international arena, that it became a problem to find a worthy successor.

The Metropolitan, among other things, told about this in an interview with the Russian newspaper with a foreign name, Daily Storm.

Under Putin, the rise of Russia took place, the “confessor of the president” believes. Who can do that? Nobody! And this is our problem, for “man is not immortal,” the metropolitan grieves, not in a hurry to be comforted by the immortality of the soul.

You can believe the confessor, who talks about his “nourished”, as a person of huge scale and very informed. These confessions are not a violation of the secret of confession. As well as the fact that Putin – “corresponds to the infinite responsibility that rests on him”, which he “is perfectly aware, more than we are able to imagine.” This is a man of action, not looking for gratitude, an officer who is faithful to duty and a soldier on duty.

Political scientist, head of the Institute for Political Studies Sergei Markov, Putin’s confidant in 2012, is inclined to agree with the Metropolitan on this:

– Putin, of course, is a great statesman, but on the other hand, Russia is rich in talents and there is no doubt that Vladimir Putin will most likely find a worthy successor. Finding such a person is the responsibility of Vladimir Putin himself. But whether the chosen one will turn out to be worthy as a result – nobody knows.

“SP”: – However, the very principle of succession, which many learned about from the movie “The Godfather”, not everyone likes. They say this is more suitable for the mafia. Do you think this is our path or not?

– I am personally against the principle of succession, when power is transferred from a bad leader. But even in the case of Yeltsin it worked. But when the succession is from the good, then I am in favor. But I am for a double, triple succession. I believe that Vladimir Putin should nominate three candidates for his successors, and the people should vote on which of the three they would like to choose. It seems to me wrong to betray power to someone alone. Because there is such a principle: each boss subconsciously chooses as his successor someone who is weaker than himself …

For some, finding a “worthy Putin” is a problem. And for some, Putin himself is a problem for the country. But in neighboring Kazakhstan, they also spoke for a long time: there is no one to replace Nazarbayeva… Then a replacement was found. Of course, the former first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan remains Elbasy (the father of the nation), without whom key decisions cannot be made. But gradually the power will be reformatted. Even in Turkmenistan, one Turkmenbashi was replaced by another. There are no irreplaceable ones.

Putin constantly thinks about a successor, as he himself says, even at night: who can become? What forces are pushing their candidate? Perhaps this politician will first become prime minister, as Mikhail Mishustin… Although only he knows what Putin is up to, most likely the choice will be from the inner circle of his colleagues on the Security Council: Sergei Shoigu, Sergey Lavrov, Dmitry Medvedev… At worst, Dmitry Anatolyevich will do again, although there will be a lot of money for advertising. For some reason, the people did not like him, despite the beautiful interface.

In general, elimination has been going on for a long time. But who the choice will stop is a big question concerning the fate of millions of people.

Politician, public figure (KPRF) Vyacheslav Tetyokin thinks that Putnin needs to look for replacements among the director’s corps:

– We have a huge number of talented managers. They are in the system of the military-industrial corps. There are among the scientists who deal with defense issues.

A striking example is Pavel Grudinin, a man who kept his farm in the most difficult conditions, raised it, made it one of the most respected in Europe. And this is by no means the only such example.

It’s just that in the last twenty years, the task has never been set to identify these people. We do not have a personnel system. We must start with this, as it was in the USSR, when talents were deliberately sought out, brought up and promoted.

In the Soviet Union, engineers were in power – people with systems, mathematical, engineering thinking, able to design complex systems and control them. Now we are run by anybody: sociologists, journalists, former intelligence officers. Everyone except the engineers.

So they make their way to the top level solely on the basis of personal loyalty to this or that figure who is at the top. Talent, knowledge, honesty are not appreciated. This creates the appearance of no replacement for Putin. In fact, we have dozens, maybe hundreds of people capable of being the head of state.

Judged by the results. Peter the Great they called him Great, not because he was more than two meters tall, but because of his deeds. On the other hand, Joseph Stalin is a man of small stature, but in his deeds he is still Great. It does not depend on physical qualities, and not on what kind of areola the environment creates for him.

If in our country, in the past few years, there has been a continuous drop in the income of the population, and the head of state is not able to stop this, it means that he cannot in any way be ranked among the outstanding, whom the people do not want to let go of power. On the contrary, the people demand changes – the results of the last elections have shown this.

It is quite obvious that neither the leader nor his favorite party suits the people. We do not know the exact results of the elections due to massive falsifications. It is quite possible that United Russia has lost altogether. And in her face is Mr. Putin.

Planes crash, manufacturing, education and healthcare are all but wiped out. Maybe Mr. Shevkunov does not know about this, living in his own world? He, as a monk, is forgivable – he is busy reading the Holy Scriptures, he does not know about the simple worldly problems that overwhelm tens of millions of our fellow citizens.

One of the achievements of Mr. Putin is the fact that we have 20 million beggars? In tsarist Russia, this was the case, but the Soviet government put an end to begging as a phenomenon. But we have forty million poor people. Collectively, more than sixty million are poor. From what? Is it because we have such a “great and irreplaceable” leader?

Russia is not depleted of talents. Another thing is that the current government is systematically suppressing them. So the statement of Mr. Shevkunov is an expression of personal devotion to the head of state and nothing more …

Political scientist and political strategist, director of the International Institute of Political Expertise Evgeny Minchenko believes that there is a decision by Putin’s Politburo 2.0 to run for the next presidential term in 2024:

– Accordingly, the topic of a successor is not relevant. Tikhon Shevkunov simply outlined this idea, saying that there is no alternative. Vladimir Vladimirovich will stay for a long time. I think the Metropolitan is voicing a consensus position for most of the Russian political elite …

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