Jan 8, 2021
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What to watch in cinemas on New Year’s holidays

The Russians have a couple of days left to rest on the New Year holidays. During this time, they can have time to go to cinemas, where now there is a large assortment of interesting films and cartoons.

What to watch in cinemas on New Year's holidays

The Lenta portal has shared a list of the most worthwhile films that can be watched in the Russian box office during the New Year holidays.

The list includes infant cartoons – “The Horse Julius and the Great Races”, “Barboskins in the Country”, “The Croods: Housewarming”, films for family viewing – “The Final Hero: The Root of Evil”, “Silver Skates”, “Wonder Woman: 1984 ”, films for adult audiences -“ Fire ”,“ Feedback ”,“ Hunt for Santa ”,“ Real Boys Against Zombies ”, as well as the newest film directed by Woody Allen called“ Rifkin Festival ”.

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