Apr 24, 2022
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What to talk about with a guy?

What to talk about with a guy?

What to talk about with a guy? How do you start a conversation with a guy or a man? This question has always interested the female population of the Earth.

Consider your first contact as a way to show the guy that you are interested in him as an interesting conversationalist. Start discussing only those topics that you really share. Fix your attention only on what is close to both of you.

Girls usually get nervous before starting a conversation with a guy:

  • On the first date
  • By phone
  • According to askye
  • At the meeting

Before you start a conversation, use your gaze to help break the ice in the first minutes of communication.

What do you do when you are standing face to face with a young man who is interesting to you? Smile at him with a sincere smile. You will be pleasantly surprised when the young man to whom your smile was directed will be the first to start a conversation with you. If you notice that a young stranger has something that you are very interested in, take advantage of it and start a discussion.

So your first contact took place, what’s next? So far, interesting and clever remarks do not come to mind. Spend time at home in advance, reflect on what you can talk about next with the young man you like so much? After long home preparations, you will see results in practice. If you don’t have time to sit and think, you can use simple ideas, such as discussing the last movie you watched with him, you can also discuss current events.

If a young man comments on an event, ask him where he learned about the event and the conversation will start by itself. In addition, you need to know not only how to start a conversation, but also how to maintain it, i.e. you must gradually move through topics, listen carefully and respond to the topic.

You can ask questions that relate to his attitude towards other people, for example, you can ask:

– What events in life seem funny to him, when exactly did they occur?
How does he feel about informals?
– You can even ask what he thinks about women in general?
If you want to get any information from a young person, you should listen more and ask questions about him, talk less about yourself. I must say, men are very fond of talking about themselves, so if he starts talking about himself, and you will be silent at this time, he will find a grateful listener in you, he will become interested in you.

Do not limit his statements, show sincere interest in his stories. During the conversation, in no case, do not make fun of him and do not criticize. In no case, do not interrupt the conversation. Then you will not have to think about what to talk about with the guy, he will speak for you and for himself.

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