Oct 13, 2020
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What to look for when choosing a hair dryer

What to look for when choosing a hair dryer

Have you ever wondered why even the most thorough styling at home loses out to a simple salon hair dryer?

It's all about the hairdryer. A professional hairdryer not only dries hair, but also cares for it.

There are hundreds of models of hair dryers on the market, a third of them are declared professional. However, upon examination, it turns out that few meet the requirements of high-class stylists. How do you choose? Let's consider important selection criteria using the example of the Polaris PHD 2099ACi hair dryer from the Argan Therapy PRO line.


The power of the hair dryer affects the temperature and air flow rate, which in turn affect the drying of the hair. You can always reduce these parameters using the switch, but you will not be able to increase them without replacing the hair dryer. A powerful professional hairdryer dries faster, and with the right choice of the mode, it will do it carefully, without overdrying your hair and scalp.

The Polaris PHD 2099ACi is equipped with a professional AC motor (2000 W). Hair dryers with such a motor last longer and are not subject to "combustion" due to automatic shutdown.

Caring for hair health

In addition to drying hair many times faster, the ionization mode can also affect the quality of the hairstyle. With it, the hair is less electrified and does not frizz, like from a regular hair dryer.

The Polaris PHD 2099ACi hair dryer has a built-in ion generator that removes static electricity, adds shine to hair and prevents hair breakage. Thus, taking care of hair health.

Mode and speed

An important advantage of a professional hair dryer is styling using various temperature regimes, which eliminates the need to use chemical hair products. For craftsmen, such a hairdryer also replaces a hair straightener, since the required air pressure and a special nozzle perfectly straighten hair.

Setting the modes (three temperature and two speed) of Polaris PHD 2099ACi Argan Therapy PRO allows you to choose the most comfortable drying conditions for different hair types.

Additional functions

A professional device is capable of making even the most unruly hair lie in the right position, for this, additional concentrator nozzles are included in the kit. They simplify the process of styling and creating curls.

The Polaris PHD 2099ACi Argan Therapy PRO features two additional concentrating nozzles: 9 mm in diameter and ultra-narrow - only 6 mm. They create powerful, fine jets to target specific strands without affecting pre-styled hair. Also an important factor in a beautiful styling is the presence of a cold blowing mode, which is important for securing the styling. In the PHD 2099ACi hair dryer, it is turned on with one touch.

Safety and comfort

The mobility of a hair dryer is an important criterion for its safe use. The long wire allows you to move freely around the client or around the room, even with an inconvenient location of the outlets, and the swivel wire connection prevents the wire from getting tangled.

The Polaris PHD 2099ACi Argan Therapy PRO model has an extra 3 m cord, a swivel mount and a special hanging hook. A removable air intake grill is provided for easy cleaning. In addition, the hair dryer is ergonomic and lightweight - only 565 grams.

The matte finish of the PHD 2099ACi body is created using Soft Touch technology, which makes the hair dryer pleasant to the touch, and the handle does not slip in the hand. The Soft Touch coating combined with a stylish and minimalist design is a feature of all Argan Therapy PRO devices.

Reliability guarantee

If, after going through our checklist, you still have not decided on the choice, we recommend that you pay attention to the model with a longer warranty period. The Argan Therapy PRO hair dryer is supported by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


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