Jan 25, 2021
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What to expect from the promising girl thriller

The thriller with Carrie Mulligan “The Promising Young Lady” has been released. The audience will find an unpredictable plot and non-standard details.

What to expect from the promising girl thriller

Thriller Emirald Fennell “The Promising Young Lady” is able to surprise the viewer. The main role here was fought by Carrie Mulligan, euphoniously combining form and content, and she produced the tape of Margot Robbie, which always “flaunts” on the screen in the main role, and not behind him.

The plot, at the initial glance, is florid and unintelligible. The main character Cassie gets drunk in a bar and drives home to a stranger. Some will probably condemn the young lady’s behavior, but it turns out that she is absolutely sober and completely in control of the situation. Cassie does a similar trick every week, but it’s not clear why. This intrigue will be revealed to viewers in all cinemas of the country.

The guys that Cassie does this trick with are played by Adam Ferment, Christopher Mintz-Plass and others.

Spectators will also enjoy bright soundtracks: songs by Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Paris Hilton and others will play in the movie.

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