Sep 23, 2021
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What to do with a drunken referee?

What to do with a drunken referee?

The scandalous story took place at one of the Moscow skating rinks.

A hockey game, in which 10-year-old kids were playing, came out to serve … a drunken referee. He fell on the ice, could not pick up the puck, behaved quietly, but inadequately. This was filmed and posted on social media. Famous critics immediately came out with condemnation. But is everything so simple in this situation?

“An ugly case in itself. We have enough problems in children’s hockey, and then there are such things. This is a reason to understand what is going on in this economy. This will discredit our hockey. The system must control and regulate what is happening. And she, therefore, does not do this. There is a positive point – this is the ability to understand what is happening. Why do such people appear in hockey, and especially in refereeing children’s tournaments? ” – the famous hockey player, and now the official Fetisov, was indignant.

“This is a disgrace. Judging drunk with children is a nightmare. It is necessary to unambiguously expel for such actions. If a person is sick, then he needs to be treated. If he did it in his mind, then, of course, he must be removed and kept out of the ice for life, ”- repeated twice Olympic ice hockey champion Alexander Kozhevnikov.

It is curious that none of the experts even mentions the name and surname of this arbiter. How old is he, where did he come from at all? There is no time to understand this. But there is a whole life story hidden here. Mir novostei found out all the details of this scandalous case.

There was a family – a father, a mother, two sons. Seven years ago, they were in a car accident together. Mom died. Apparently, the father did not look after the children too much. The youngest son was raised by the eldest. Both played hockey. They graduated from a sports school, and it became clear that they would not become great professionals. But hockey is a powerful social lift. To break out into people, in the future to work in the KHL, you can become hockey referees.

Two brothers began to master this profession. But the elder was serious about the matter, and the younger, as it turned out, not very much. He is now 19 years old. Before the ill-fated match, he quarreled with his girlfriend. The kid went crazy and got drunk. It happens to everyone? Moreover, he is not an alcoholic and has never drunk much before. Therefore, I could not control myself and the next morning I woke up in a very serious condition.

But you need to run to hockey, work out two matches in a row at once. Judge little kids. If you don’t come, they’ll be fired. How can there be a game without an arbiter?

So the guy ran to work. And there he began to arrange things that are usually filmed in comedy films. Moreover, he behaved non-aggressively, but also inadequately. As they say in such cases, “he disgraced the profession.”

As a result, the senior referee rushed in and dismissed the boy for life. And he also scolded in front of honest people, promising to call the police.

And now questions for you, dear readers, how would you act in such a story? In fact, would they expel the young insolent hockey player, to whom he devoted his whole life, or would they give the guy a chance to improve? At stake is not just an outrage on the ice, but human destiny.

Stepan Stroyev.


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