Oct 15, 2021
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What to do to save the most precious thing – your face

What to do to save the most precious thing - your face

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If you do not take care of your skin every day, even tons of cosmetics will not save you, without care it will still not shine and look fresh and healthy, even in young years. It would seem, who does not know this? And yet, we regularly make the same mistakes, either out of forgetfulness, or perhaps out of laziness, not properly fulfilling the “commandments” that beauty experts and leading cosmetologists never tire of reminding. It would seem that what could be simpler than:

First: Wash your face in the morning and evening, using a gel or foam (pH 5-5.5) – to maintain the protective barrier of the skin.

Second: Use cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. For day care (moisturizing), and night care (nutritious). Paying special attention to the area around the eyes – there the skin is the most vulnerable, thin, and therefore ages in the first place.

Third: Regularly, but not too often, cleanse your skin with scrubs or peels.

Fourth: Use care cosmetics, which include UV protection elements not only in summer, but also in the rest of the year. Ideal for creams, serums etc., with a UV protection level of at least 30 (look for the icon on the SPF-30 label).

But there are also especially “malicious” violations, which were reminded to the readers of “SP” dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers Alina Kudzieva. In the first place in this anti-rating – decorative cosmetics not thoroughly washed off. Remaining on the face all night, the remnants of make-up do not allow skin cells to regenerate normally, breathe, blocking the access of oxygen – so why should you be surprised at your own “image”, tired and dull, which is not at all happy to be found in the mirror in the morning. It is believed that the skin of the face should remain clean of decorative cosmetics for at least 10 hours a day. It is better to remove makeup not immediately before bedtime, but at least an hour before it.

Also among the most common mistakes is skipping some of the cleansing steps.

For example, one of the most “popular” reasons for debate in the field of skin cleansing – is it necessary to rinse micillary water from the face using a toner – isn’t “micellar” itself a cleansing agent for removing makeup and other surface impurities? Actually, perhaps not very advanced users of various cosmetic products are discussing this issue – for the cosmetologists themselves, the need to use tonics is beyond doubt. According to expert – dermatologist Marina Kamanina, “A tonic is an intermediate step between cleansing and leaving, which can also contain active cleansing ingredients. Its function is to complete the cleansing phase after the milk or washing gel. ” In addition, the tonic quickly normalizes the pH level, thereby enhancing its protective functions, the ability to withstand aggressive environmental factors. Finally, it effectively prepares the skin for the application of skin care products – serum and cream. By the way, some experts for aging skin advise to choose tonics not alcohol, but based on, for example, green tea.

According to experts, a lot of questions arise especially when it comes to deeper cleansing of the skin of the face – with the help of scrubs and peels. They should not be done too often, especially daily. Depending on the type of skin, cleansing is carried out no more than once a week (for oily skin), for normal and mixed skin, experts advise a frequency of once every 30 days, (on average), for dry skin, a gentle cleaning is recommended once every few months. But there are a number of strict restrictions – for example, regarding blackheads or acne. It is strictly forbidden to crush them yourself. Since “there is a danger of spreading the infection from one element all over the face,” says the beautician Alina Kudzieva… The expert also warned about the dangers of peels that are not intended for home use, since when using them “there is a high risk of getting serious burns to the face, and as a result, the formation of age spots and scars is possible.” The fact that homemade peeling is one of the most dangerous home face treatments is sure and dermatologist, trichologist, cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova… Homemade peels are often made with calcium chloride and vinegar to help rejuvenate the skin and even out the complexion. And with strict observance of all the necessary conditions, it is really possible to get a good effect, ”the cosmetologist told the Moscow 24 TV channel. But, according to the expert, often people cannot correctly calculate the concentration on their own or they apply unevenly, there is an incorrect exposure time – the agent is on the face for too long, which causes certain complications. Also, problems can arise even after a successful peeling, if, for example, the formed temporary crusts (in place of the top layer that came off), some impatient ladies begin to rip off.

“When this happens, pigment builds up on the skin and even scars appear. You cannot peel off the crusts, even if this is a slight peeling. You can’t help them with washcloths or nails – nothing, ”the doctor added.

It’s no secret that our skin, even with the most caring attitude, over the years becomes more and more capricious and problematic, and in order to take into account all the subtleties of care, especially at home, you need to become a real professional – or turn to competent specialists for professional help in time. “Your face at the age of 20 was given to you by nature; how it will be at 50, depends on you “, – the legendary Coco Chanel… And – from your cosmetologist – we dare to add from ourselves to the words of the great Madame. Find your doctor and entrust him with the most precious thing – your face. And it’s better to forget about risky experiments forever, it will be more expensive.

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