Sep 18, 2022
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What to do if the berries in the garden were crushed

What to do if the berries in the garden were crushed

How to increase the size and yield of berry crops. The size of the berries – be it currants, gooseberries or raspberries – as a rule, depends on the variety. But if earlier the berry was large, and recently it has been crushed, then the variety is not to blame.

What to do?

  • Raspberries should not grow next to strawberries, they have some common pests (mites, fleas), and at the same time diseases. It is also undesirable to plant nightshade next to them (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants). The reasons are the same.
  • But currants with gooseberries can be planted nearby. Cross-pollination will only increase the yield. Although this is difficult to do in practice. Because of the heat, the currants have to be planted in the shade, and in the shade the gooseberries hardly bear fruit.
  • If raspberry bushes have been growing on the site for more than seven years, do not be surprised that the berry has become small. It’s time to transplant raspberries to a new place. But do not take shoots from the old site – young strong shoots are needed for planting.
  • Strawberries should be transferred to a new place in two or three years. It is impossible to delay with housewarming any longer.
  • Currants can bear fruit even after 10 years, and when rejuvenated – even up to 14-16 years, but only young shoots give out large berries.
  • Although gooseberries are long-lived, after 12 years it is not worth squeezing records for size and yield. The yield of such bushes is good up to 18 years, but the size of the berries and their number will decrease from year to year.

Irrigation is the main factor influencing yield. Even without fertilization, proper watering can increase the yield by 2-3 times.

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