Nov 23, 2021
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What to do and what not to do if you are unemployed

What to do and what not to do if you are unemployed

What to do and what not to do if you are unemployed

Anyone who is ready for changes in his life will find an opportunity for this

Dismissal should not be the collapse of your whole life, it should be treated as a chance to take a step forward, psychologists advise.
How to be in a similar, clearly crisis situation for a person?

– A person who has lost his job experiences injustice and suddenness of what happened, experiences stress, experiences a serious loss, which means shock, denial, despondency. If a person has worked for a company for a long time, then this is especially painful.

There are too many experiences, it is important to be aware of them and do something with each of them.

Factors that can increase the depressive state: feelings of resentment, injustice, feelings of guilt, a feeling that the person was not appreciated because he could not prove himself in the best possible way, self-criticism, lack of support from the environment and pressure from loved ones.
It is important to minimize these factors.

Of course, the context in which the dismissal took place is also important: perhaps this is a layoff in the company. If a person connects everything only with himself, to think that it was he who was cheated, devalued, offended, this will only intensify his feelings. It is important to understand and accept the real reasons: now many companies find it difficult and managers take such measures for objective reasons.

After a person has been fired, it is important for him to adapt to this new status of the unemployed and check what he has with vital obligations: loans, mortgages, whether he has any savings – he needs to find out if he has finances for payments. Sometimes it is worth selling something, realizing that this is a temporary option: the period of an acute crisis will end, and with renewed vigor it will be possible to solve all problems.

Treat this as a temporary measure, without self-deprecation, that you will have to work, possibly with a decline in qualifications.

It is important to revise my competencies: what functions, for which money is paid, I can now perform – even if it does not correspond to the profession and specialization.
When a person has lost his job, he is in a transitional period and needs to be accepted: the way he is used to will not be there in the near future, and you need to get to a new stable, understandable point by taking steps. It is now important to see additional resources and make vital decisions.

From a psychological point of view, it is important to say goodbye to the organization in which you worked, find something to thank it for, remember what was good, and put an end to it – so that you do not experience the negativity associated with the dismissal for a long time.

It is important to audit yourself as a professional and see: where can I move? How can I implement my competencies when the situation stabilizes? What skills can I develop, what additional training should I take?

It is worth describing for yourself several career development strategies in the future. For example: “I remain in the same profession, looking for a company that will accept me” or “I become a freelancer and look for someone who can benefit from my services” or “I develop new competencies / create my own business”.

In fact, there are always options, and more than one, and when a person finds these options, it gives him the support he needs.

In this whole situation, it is very important to maintain self-reliance. Remember that being fired is a present situation, but not the collapse of your whole life. It’s great if you can see opportunities in this, because any crisis is also a time of opportunity. There are examples when people did not dare to quit, but in the end the dismissal allowed them to move to a different level of life, finance, interaction, development as a professional.

Dismissal should be a step towards growth, not a multi-month depression!

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