May 11, 2022
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What to cook?

What to cook?

It often happens that when looking for an original recipe for a dinner party or a family holiday, you have to shovel through dozens of recipes just because you don’t have the right set of ingredients at hand. On this page we have prepared for you a selection of recipes by type of food. What to cook from pumpkin or chicken fillet? Or what to cook from cottage cheese or pork? What to cook with eggplant or avocado? – Answers to all these questions can be found on this page:

What to cook with vegetables?

Do you want a healthy cuisine based on fresh vegetables? Discover many easy recipes straight from the garden! Potatoes or mushrooms, autumn or summer vegetables, in salads, stewed, fried or mixed … stuffed or grilled, steamed or in sauce, traditional cuisine or world cuisine? In the vegetable family, the kitchen is full of creativity, from inexpensive recipes to ultra-chic menus.

We have prepared the most beautiful vegetable recipe ideas for you so that you can prepare healthy, delicious and seasonal dishes. This will make even babies, children and picky adults eat vegetables. From vegetable chips and French fries to soups and mashed potatoes, simple recipes work wonders! Choose vegetables, choose a recipe and accept compliments!

What to cook with fruits?

A beautiful fresh ripe fruit is already a wonderful dessert! The fruit of the fruit is usually the result of the transformation of the pistil of the flower after fertilization. This is true for most fruits, but there are also so-called false fruits in botany, that is, those that are not the result of the transformation of the pistil. This is especially true of apples, strawberries, pineapples and figs.

Fruits are divided into six categories. Nuts, stone fruits, pome fruits, exotic, red and citrus fruits. Opt for seasonal and organic. Whether fresh or in pies, clafoutis, compote or jam, don’t miss the opportunity to taste seasonal fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

What to cook from Berries?

Do you want homemade jelly and jams? Discover rose hips, blackberries or senella. Blueberries, blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, blackberries… this summer we will walk through the secret clearings or find these little berries deep in the garden. Sweet, sour or spicy, we cook them, turn them into jelly or eat them as they are.

In jelly, compote and jam or in the form of alcoholic tinctures. In sauces to accompany main courses or cooked with sugar to accompany duck breast or salmon. With dairy products, ice cream and sherbets, pies and waffles, as well as in herbal tea. In a cocktail or kir, in small quantities. In jelly on toasted sandwiches, in pancakes, in fruit salad, in jam, marmalade or ketchup, and of course as a filling in pies and pies!

What to cook from the Bird?

Chicken, turkey, duck, quail or even an ostrich. Discover all of our poultry recipes. Here is the broth and the bird in pots and the whole baked bird. You can also choose roast or stewed poultry, roast fillet or tagine, chips or skewers. For lovers of something softer – cutlets or pate. Each bird has its own unique set of recipes!

What to cook with fish?

Breading, baking, papillot, tagine, shish kebab, salting, smoking, roasting… There are many ways to cook fish. Above is a selection of our best recipes for each type of fish.

Salmon curry, Portuguese cod, fish cakes, baked trout, fish bread, fish and chips… There is something for everyone. Enjoy a delicious lunch!

What to cook with eggs?

Eggs are quick and easy to make and the whole family will love them! You still need to be inspired to diversify recipes and treats. To forgo the classic boiled or fried egg, discover our gourmet and original egg recipes: Chinese pancakes, breaded eggs and scrambled eggs, full salads, egg casserole with avocado or tomato or poached egg… Pure pleasure!

What to cook from Meat?

The diversity of products, packaging, culinary preparations and distribution channels gives meat products and meat products all the assets needed to satisfy our culinary aspirations.

Cooking methods vary depending on the type of meat.

Fillets and steaks can be cooked quickly (grilled, pan-fried, or baked) or simmered (stewed or boiled) for a long time.

The so-called fast cooking is suitable for naturally tender pieces, while the so-called slow cooking allows the less tender parts to be flavored so that they become tender due to prolonged cooking in high humidity conditions. Meat can:

Fry: fry the meat over high heat, then cook it in fat at a more or less high temperature.
Grilling: Quickly brown the meat over very high heat on a grill or in a skillet without fat.
Roasting: Roasting meat in the oven with little or no fat.
Braising: Brown the meat and simmer it covered in a small amount of liquid. So it is cooked very gently and for a very long time to convey all its aroma and tenderness.
Boil: completely immerse the meat in the liquid and cook for a long time, then gently simmer.

What to cook from Seafood?

Under the name seafood, all edible marine organisms that are not related to fish are grouped. A beautiful seafood dish is a real delight for gourmets! Oysters, shellfish and crustaceans have a good reputation for providing the body with beneficial minerals and trace elements. However, these are very fragile products that are often bought live.

Therefore, they must be consumed quickly, for fear of severe intoxication in case of delay. Only oysters can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

Some of them can be eaten raw, seafood lends itself perfectly to cooking, serves as the basis for salads, and goes well with various vegetable and cream sauces. To discover something new, see our collections of recipes for each type of seafood!

What to cook from mushrooms?

Mushrooms are suitable for all culinary preparations and add a unique flavor to various appetizers, appetizers and main courses. Discover easy and delicious recipes to cook mushrooms in a special way. Something to enjoy all fall.

To keep you entertained throughout the season, we bring you our Top Best Mushroom Recipes.

So you can make roast turkey, puffs, noodles, a variety of soups, spring rolls, egg casseroles, or even pies. Something to please the whole family. So harvest your crops and head to the kitchen!

What to cook from Dairy products?

Yoghurts, milk and cream are dairy products. Cheeses, yoghurts, creams, milk or butter are indispensable products in our daily life. Rich in calcium, protein and vitamins, they are the perfect complement to our dishes, from aperitif to dessert. Among hundreds of types of regional cheeses, various soft butters, semi-salted, with grains of Guérande salt, a huge selection of plain, fruit and Greek yoghurts, white cheeses, dairy desserts and liquid fresh cream, thick and semi-liquid, we have something to invent in the kitchen every day. Bechamel sauce that accompanies casseroles and lasagna, yoghurt, garnishing sauces and soft tortillas, hot goat cheese on toast, diced comte in a salad or whipped cream that becomes the top of a chocolate mousse. The range of recipes using milk or dairy products is endless.

What to cook from Cereals?

Wheat and rice are the most consumed cereals today. In the cereal family, not only rice and wheat are often used for cooking, but also buckwheat, lentils, millet, barley, amaranth, semolina and others. However, this family is much more generous: oats, rye, oatmeal, sorghum and, for example, corn grits. Grains are sugar-rich fibers that find their way into fine dining and even desserts.

Cereals go well with all types of meat or can be eaten in salads. In baked goods and confectionery, they are tried in the form of bread, as well as pastries or desserts.

What to cook from Nuts?

Nuts are a symbol of autumn, suitable for preparing many sweet and savory dishes. Adds crunchiness to salads, goes well with chocolate or can be eaten with cheese. Here you will find all of our ideas for preparing nuts, as well as our tips for storing and choosing them.

Emphasize the taste of these fruits with nutty snacks, such as an autumn salad with zucchini, chicory or mushrooms. Often walnuts are cooked with duck. It’s also delicious with goat cheese, blue cheese, and pears for delicious sweet and savory dishes. In the Italian version, they can also be served with arugula and parmesan.

Contrary to popular belief that one should cook dinner and give it to the enemy – for many people, the evening meal is not only the end of the working day, but also the eve of the next. That is why, both restful sleep and your good rest depend on the quantity and quality of your food. But dinner can be useful not only in the form of an apple or a glass of kefir, because going to bed hungry is not an option. At the same time, it is also not worth abusing dishes and foods that are difficult for digestion. Bon appetit and stay healthy!

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