Feb 21, 2021
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What things to combine a cape with

What things to combine a cape with

The newly minted first lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya, can easily squeeze Melania Trump or Queen Letizia in their ability to set trends. She recently appeared in public wearing a skirt and cape suit.

Her milky silk and wool crepe outfit was completely handcrafted and chicly emphasized her new status. The image of Elena immediately scattered all over the world, and the cape was again in demand among fashionistas.

A loose-fitting cape jacket has many variations and always looks very feminine. We will tell you how to wear the obvious trend of the nearest future. And the cape can be confidently attributed to the basic women’s wardrobe.

A suit with a cape jacket is suitable for all occasions. Thanks to the flying cut and the absence of sleeves, your hands will look very graceful. A similar outfit can be worn to work and to a social event.

One of the most fashionable and popular variations of capes is a dress-jacket. Looks smart and very feminine.

The color of the outfit sets the mood for the whole look. The perfect solution for the summer. And in the fall, such a cape will easily dilute boring gray-black images.

A cape made of lightweight fabric is a chic piece for summer. On the one hand, it does not float at all, but on the other, it can shelter you from the wind if the weather turns a little worse.

Designers do not stop fantasizing about the cape, so they create all sorts of beautiful things based on it. How do you like this jumpsuit with flying sleeves? We are sure that every lady will feel so charming.

Capes made of thick fabrics look amazing.

Another beauty of the cape is that it visually hides figure flaws.

Due to the variety of models, the cape will successfully fit into any style of clothing – classic, casual, sporty, business, retro. Cape is suitable for both everyday bows and for an evening out. It has been a fashion trend for several seasons.

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