Feb 23, 2021
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What things in the apartment are programmed for a lack of money

What things in the apartment are programmed for a lack of money

It is known that some habits can program a person for wealth or poverty, and the interior of a home can even tell what kind of fruit you are and how skillfully you can manage finances. Indeed, individual decor elements, accessories and gadgets that flaunt in your apartment can tell much more about you than it seems.

We will tell you what things you need to get rid of today in order to make a positive impression on guests and not be known as a poor relative. Look around, maybe it’s time to start cleaning!

Luxury things

Why do you need a Chanel purse if you push in a crowded bus in the morning? The same goes for the interior. A leather sofa and a wall-to-wall plasma TV bought on credit for a tiny apartment will certainly not increase your rating. It is worth noting that usually such tricks do not work, and those who live beyond their means can be seen a mile away.


Now, for some reason, it is fashionable to print paintings on canvas, but it looks, frankly, disgusting. Even the most beautiful painting will turn into ugly cheap stuff if created in this way. If you want to decorate boring walls, do it wisely: print out family photos or buy a real oil painting, put it in a beautiful frame and hang it on the wall with joy.

Fanatical savings

A bag with shopping bags, a few remnants put together in one piece, or crafts from old plastic cans are things that you need to get rid of immediately. The pursuit of endless savings is not a sign of reasonable frugality, but an indicator that you do not know how to competently manage income and expenses. Savings should be reasonable.

Obsessive Demonstration of Success

The walls of your home are not a museum of fame, so all kinds of diplomas, certificates, medals and cups should be kept somewhere in the closet or in a special suitcase, but certainly not shown to guests unnecessarily. The same applies to souvenirs brought from everywhere: no matter how much you want, you do not need to overload the space of the apartment with unnecessary accessories, even if each of them is one of a kind.

Plush Toys

Remember once and for all: plush toys are appropriate only in a house where a small child lives. Otherwise, the sofa, dotted with many bears and dogs of all colors and stripes, testifies only to the bad taste of the apartment owner and causes not emotion, but rather bewilderment.
In addition, toys are still those dust collectors, and dust, as you know, can cause a variety of diseases. It is better to collect all the fluffies dear to your heart in an armful and take them to the orphanage.

Faded upholstery and stained textiles

The shabby upholstery of the sofa that has lost its color is not only terrible in itself, but also significantly reduces the cost of the interior of the entire home. But this does not mean at all that you need to get rid of your favorite chair or leather sofa immediately, it is enough to upholster the sofa with new fabric, buy a stylish cover or a high-quality blanket. The same goes for greasy curtains, which require regular washing.

All these things are signs of poverty and bad taste. Take a close look at your home and, without remorse, get rid of the junk that makes the interior cheaper and spoils. The arrangement of an apartment can say a lot about you, and the desire to throw dust in the eyes of others through fake chic will give away not only a lack of money in your pockets, but also self-doubt.

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