Sep 15, 2021
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What they kept silent about in Kiev: The lawyer pointed out the meanness of the participants "Crimean platform"

Lawyer Alexander Molokhov told about what was kept silent in Kiev after the so-called “Crimean platform”. The head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent mission of the Republic of Crimea pointed out the meanness of the participants in this meeting.

Molokhov said that following the summit, the participating countries agreed to launch a campaign to prosecute those who were directly involved in the return of Crimea to their homeland. In an interview with RIA Novosti, he clarified that among those who decided to pursue the Russians at home, “the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Scandinavians.”

Molokhov also added that the reason for the start of the persecution of the Russian citizen was chosen to be on the lists of the terrorist site “Peacemaker”.

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