Jan 28, 2021
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What the hell is a revolution, kid?

What the hell is a revolution, kid?

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov / TASS

Sometimes there is a need to say some basic things.

For example, why a person who hates the power of thieves, the oligarchy, the wildest and unpunished corruption, as well as officials who are inexorably off the ground and do not understand the country in which they come up with laws, cannot feel sympathy for something revolutionary.

Today Navalny is trying to do something like a revolution. Why not actually help him?

It’s simple.

Because this is not a revolution at all, but just another orange bait, from which everyone will only get worse, except for its organizers, as in any orange bait. There are a lot of examples.

Moreover, people who cannot stand a real people’s revolution are being led to this lure.

None of the young Protestants and their various leaders sympathize with the Great October Revolution; on the contrary, they consider it bad and wrong.

Do you imagine to Noise, Oksimiron, Dud, Transverse, yes even Navalny himself spoke laudably about the Great French Revolution, the revolution in Cuba, in Venezuela? They can’t stand it all.

That is, when the guys really did everything so that ordinary people had bread, medicine and education, this is bad, and when a blogger comes with the cartoon “Rick and Morty”, in beautiful sneakers and with Western homies, then yes – it’s good.

Moreover, in order to arrange a real revolution, really big popular unrest, serious reasons and passionaries with ideology are needed, and to make an orange enticement, a rather stupid film about a rich king and endless hating is enough.

It is clear that “Putin’s palace”, like all videos in support of Navalny, is promoted by our western “friendly” neighbors, on whose hosting all this is displayed, of course, there are markups (proven!), Of course, a lot of resources and money have been invested in distribution , but it is worth realizing that all the main work is done by our lovely children in these invisible multimillion-dollar publics.

Someone was bought, someone was brainwashed, someone realized that it is important to be in trend, and as a result, we have under one hundred million views from an absolutely childish emotional reportage, which was shoved to us under the sauce of something important and exclusive. Revolutionary!

All descriptions of buildings around the palace have long been in the public domain, drawings of the palace itself were leaked to the network in 2011, and absolutely anyone could dream up and make the same 3D tour of this expensive long-term construction.

Moreover, all this could have been done much better, because the hookah room (maybe, after all, the “rest room”, and the guys just didn’t translate the word lounge very correctly from English) is not associated with Putin, to put it mildly, or this room with a pole, in which Navalny’s salesman hung two identical paintings, causes nothing but laughter because people work so badly. And this abomination with Tereshkova? Are you seriously?!

Plus, all these unsuccessful speech turns of Navalny, which clearly convey a foreign language, because the Russians do not express themselves like that (“spent 20 years of his presidency,” “this man completely lost his mind in his thirst for wealth,” “there was such a feeling as if he wanted to kill Sechin with a well-aimed shot in the head ”- are we in an American film?).

The most popular is “dirt warehouse” – in Russian it is simply “restroom”, that is, if you translate “dirt warehouse” from English literally, then, of course, you get a dirt warehouse. Comrades from the CIA or MI6 gave the text, but Navalny’s team decided to translate it literally, it happens.

The funny thing is that this layout for the weak thinking really worked. Every second post on the Internet is dedicated to this top-secret territory, which Putin has hardly ever visited.

But this is not a revolution, guys. This is a bourgeois, pro-Western divorce for suckers.

When a well-fed businessman in London first discusses that he despises Russian people who drink wine in bags, and then calls on Russian citizens to take to the streets so that they heal freely and satisfyingly, while sponsoring their sidekick oppositionist, then this cannot to be called a revolution, it is ****. Revolution is when guerrillas in the jungle drink their own urine to quench their thirst. Is there a difference?

You can take as many photos as you like with the riot police in the background and tell your classmates about your revolutionary adventures; you can even end up in dungeons and go out crippled; you can tell on Instagram that you earned your money not thanks to, but in spite of the current government; you can cry that you have something to lose, but the desire to leave the children a prosperous country is stronger, but you don’t need to pretend to be Che Guevara, who tried to take money from the rich.

You are just naive participants in the orange trick, where the rich are trying to take money away from the rich and drain the country along the way.

There are too many different letters in the word “revolutionary” and “protestant”.

What the hell is a revolution, kid? Go home, your iPhone is down.

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