Nov 14, 2021
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What the body lacks if you want sweet, salty or sour

What the body lacks if you want sweet, salty or sour

What the body lacks when it wants sweet or salty, we will tell in the article.

Of course, someone will say that this is just a habit of chewing. But sometimes this can indicate that the body lacks certain vitamins and minerals.

The need for sweet

When you constantly want something sweet, it means that the body does not have enough carbohydrates. Regular intake of cereals and vegetables will help solve this problem. If the desire to eat something sweet appeared spontaneously, then it may be a lack of glucose in the body. You can eat a small piece of chocolate, sweet fruit, or dried fruit after your main meal.

The need for sour

Most often, you want to eat sour after eating a lot of fatty foods. You should monitor your diet, and replace fatty foods with various vegetables.

Another reason why the body requires sour can be a weakened immune system and colds. It is necessary to drink brewed rose hips, and from fruits there are kiwi and orange.

If the need for sour does not disappear, but is supplemented by such symptoms as a constant lack of appetite, belching throughout the day and flatulence after eating, then you need to consult a doctor.

The need for salty

The desire to eat something salty may indicate that the body lacks chlorides. If you add beets, seaweed and celery to your diet, then this problem will be quickly solved.

But if the craving for salty does not go away for a long time, and you also experience hair loss, joint pain, brittle nails, weakness and dizziness, you should visit a doctor.

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