Jan 8, 2021
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What technologies will be in the future

What will the technologies of the future be like? As long as there is a person, so much and trying to open the veil of secrecy. In 1985, when a blockbuster about time travel was released, the fingerprint scanners, drones and video chats seen by the protagonist seemed fantastic. You won’t surprise anyone with smartphones, and in the 70s of the last century, the forecasts of the futurist Ray Hammond were taken with skepticism.

Today, futurists predict spray clothes, 3D printed internal organs, and life up to 1,000 years as a bonus.


In the future, new technologies will replace some professions. Information technology experts are confident that the ubiquitous proliferation of nanorobots will begin as early as 2045. They will replace:

  • wipers;
  • cleaners;
  • builders;
  • handymen.


Robot programmers and medical diagnosticians are a more distant reality.

Remote presence

Selected future technologies in action today. One of them is remote access. Remote work, banking, buying tickets, and other goods and services have become the norm.

Over the years, rare movements in physical space will become the norm for people. They will also visit performances, concerts, museums remotely.

Electronic brain

Analysts are unanimous about which technologies will be the breakthrough in the future. They give priority to artificial intelligence in various areas of its application. The electronic brain will many times surpass the human brain and will become a reliable assistant to it.

Electronic brain

The era of autopilots will come, controlling planes, passenger trains, cars, ships.

Renewable energy

An adequate supply of energy is a prerequisite for further technological progress. Any article about future technologies directly or indirectly touches on the topic of clean renewable energy.

Futurologists believe that in the foreseeable future, the main sources will be the energy of the sun and wind. They will be used on a global scale.


Energy efficient modern technologies will contribute to the modernization of household appliances in the future. The Russian concept of a bio-refrigerator is interesting. Its author, designer Yuri Dmitriev, offers a refrigerator that has no doors, shelves or freezers. A biopolymer gel is used as a cooling agent.


Odorless gel, works with minimal energy consumption. The user only needs to insert food into it, and the compact refrigerator can be installed on the floor, wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Spray clothes

The ideas of the future in technologies proposed by the designer Torres from Spain look like spray clothes. The uniqueness is that the composition of the spray includes polymers and special fibers. They make ready-made clothes flexible and practical.

Spray clothes

I sprayed the drug on the body, waited a few minutes until it hardened, and took off the finished shirt, dress, skirt. Spray clothes can be washed, re-worn.

Canine hearing

Dogs have much sharper hearing than humans – they perceive high-frequency sounds up to 45 kHz. In the foreseeable future, the acuity of human hearing can surpass this indicator.

There is a company in London working to create a 3D ear. The innovative device looks like glasses, which have 4 ultra-sensitive microphones built into them. The developers assure that hearing acuity in humans will increase to 80 kHz with the device.

3D printing of internal organs

Patients in need of transplantation wait for organs for years. Modern technologies and the future give hope that viable internal organs can be 3D printed in 30-50 years.

3D printing is a dynamically developing segment. Scientists have developed cartridges – they are filled with cell suspension and smart gel. After unsealing, the gel cools and evaporates – only living cells remain.

3D printing of internal organs

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the printed organs do not yet know how to perform the functions of living organs of the human body.

Power of thought

The newest technologies of the future will allow you to control household appliances from a distance, using the power of thought. Turn on the microwave oven, coffee maker, and other equipment without getting up from the couch.

Two companies are involved in the development of the mental control chip. Their apparatus will be installed under the skin and pick up signals sent by the brain, like an encephalograph.

By the same principle, customers will be able to pay for goods in the store – the money will be debited from the account at the signal of the implanted chip.

Intellectual extrasensory perception

People will be able to predict events without psychics – using the software “Recorded Future”. It already stores over 100 million events.

Intellectual extrasensory perception

The algorithms of the program will be able to predict the development of the situation in a year or 5 years based on the analysis of the available information, as soon as the developers finalize and test them.

1000 years bonus

What technologies will be in the future, time will tell. The gerontologist Aubrey de Gray from Cambridge believes that at this rate of development, a person can live for a thousand years. The scientist is working on a technique that will ensure normal recovery and reproduction of healthy cells, and kill diseased cells. Gray assures that his method will be available in 8 years.

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