Mar 5, 2021
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What stones improve the energy of the house

What stones improve the energy of the house

Many people believe that natural stones and crystals with the help of vibrations can ennoble the energy of a house or apartment. This is due to the fact that rocks are formed for a long time, accumulating healing energy for centuries.

Of course, the presence of stones in an apartment alone does not give any guarantees that the atmosphere will improve and relations will become softer.

However, stones with energy can significantly increase the flow of positive energy into your home, if you place them correctly.

What kind of stones give energy and what is its function, we will describe below. Knowing the purpose of different stones, you will be able to correctly place them in the apartment and get the most benefit from them.


The ideal stones for this part of the house are quartz and obsidian. There are many varieties of quartz, but in this case, rhinestone is the best choice. Try to position the crystal so that light will pass through it.

Obsidian absorbs well all incoming energy flows. That is why it is advised to place it opposite the front door.


The best stones for the kitchen are yellow calcite and carnelian. The former creates a positive atmosphere and improves appetite, while the latter promotes digestion and helps to get the most out of food.

But for all young ladies who are trying to maintain a slim figure, we advise you to place lapis lazuli in a prominent place. The deep blue color tends to suppress worldly desires, including an irrepressible appetite.

Living room

Citrine, rose quartz, aventurine and amethyst will not only be a cute decoration for your living room, but will also create a positive atmosphere for all family members.

Sunny citrine brings joy and warmth to a relationship, while aventurine can add a little bit of optimism. Amethyst can be saved for parties and feasts.


Citrine is also suitable for a child’s room, because it contributes to the development of the child and the acquisition of new useful knowledge.

You can also place rose quartz in the baby’s room. Make sure your child likes all the crystals and stones.


Labrador will help you fully relax and unwind, and pyrope will add spice to the matrimonial bed.


Aquamarine will quickly remove your fatigue, and marble will cleanse the energy of the bathroom.


A small piece of granite can be stored in the corner of the balcony on the floor, but several unique fragments should be put in pots with plants.

Remember that there are also some general tips for all stones. Firstly, you should definitely like the stone. Only then will it be most beneficial.

The stone should not only suit you in terms of functionality and qualities, but also please the eye.

Secondly, all the stones that you have chosen to protect your home and loved ones should be in an open space.

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