Aug 9, 2022
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What services are provided by neurosurgical clinics in Israel

What services are provided by neurosurgical clinics in IsraelWhat services are provided by neurosurgical clinics in Israel

Neurosurgery, at the moment, is a new branch in medicine, which is developing very dynamically. Its main focus is the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, using methods of surgical intervention. And the best specialists in this field work in Israel. This is because neurosurgical clinics in Israel provide professional and high-quality treatment of ailments. For example, vertebral osteochondrosis is a very common ailment, which is most often treated in clinics.

Patients often express complaints of pain in the spinal region, which signal this disease. They are often treated for a very long time and without results by other doctors before turning to a neurosurgeon.

Treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis

The disease affects people regardless of gender and age. Often it manifests itself at a young age, expressed in pain in the spinal and thoracic region, pain in the cervical region may appear. Over time, osteochondrosis can become chronic and acquire very unpleasant consequences: herniated discs, the appearance and subsequent development of weakness in the legs and arms, etc.

Prevention of the disease is a regular examination. A neurosurgeon specialist examines a patient with characteristic complaints of back pain, and assigns him a series of studies, including the most modern ones, such as magnetic resonance and computed tomography. Methods of minimally invasive intervention in the spine area are very popular. This is done under full control thanks to the X-ray, the patient is injected with an anesthetic through a needle into the affected spinal disc, after which the recovery process begins.

Headaches – is it worth contacting a neurosurgeon?

Headache can be a symptom of a large number of diseases. And if classical ailments have nothing to do with it, you should definitely contact a neurosurgeon. The specialist conducts research, which includes:

  • Examination of visual acuity and fundus.
  • Analysis of the patient’s field of vision, hearing and smell.
  • Carrying out an x-ray of the skull.
  • Magnetic resonance and computed tomography of the brain.

Diagnosis allows the method of elimination to determine the specific ailment that causes a headache.

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