May 3, 2021
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What separates the Polish Catholic bishop and the Ukrainian Uniates?

Members of the Lviv cell of the “Right Sector” * and “National Corps” * banned in the Russian Federation presented an ultimatum to the head of Lviv Catholics, the Archbishop Mechislaw Mokshytskyidemanding from him to participate in a propaganda campaign against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP).

Ukrainian nationalists are trying to get Pan Mokshitsky to disseminate information discrediting the UOC-MP among the parishioners of the Lviv Archdiocese. Otherwise, he was threatened with blocking Catholic churches throughout Ukraine.

Archbishop Mokshitsky has repeatedly made unambiguous statements about Ukrainian nationalists. He called the war in Donbass a punishment to the Ukrainians for refusing to repent for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Poles during the Volyn massacre of 1943. temple. He declared that the Polish history of Lviv could not be destroyed, unless for this it would be necessary to completely demolish the city and rebuild it. At a conference in Lublin in September 2020, dedicated to the situation of Ukrainian Catholics, he called Ukrainian nationalism the main problem for the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

For these actions, the head of the Ukrainian radical group UNA-UNSO, banned in the Russian Federation * Dmitry Korchinsky urged to expel Mokshitsky from the country, and in return ask the Vatican for a bishop from Germany or Zimbabwe.

Mokshitsky explained the reason for the hostility of Ukrainian radicals to Catholicism by the fact that in Ukraine the Roman Catholic Church is perceived as a Polish, foreign church. The priests of the UGCC incite their flock against her, since the UGCC is considered the Ukrainian church in Western Ukraine.

Archbishop Mokshitsky, in order to be honest to the end, should have recognized the perniciousness of the Brest Union, which gave rise to such a disgusting phenomenon as the Ukrainian Uniatism, whose adherents later collaborated with Hitler’s Germany. The Vatican’s implantation of Uniateism on the primordially Orthodox lands turned into a massacre for the Poles performed by those whom the Vatican, with the support of Warsaw, rejected from Orthodoxy, turning them into semi-Catholics.

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