Oct 19, 2021
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What rings does Duchess Meghan Markle wear?

The Duchess of Sussex’s jewelry taste differs from the centuries-old aristocratic traditions of Great Britain. Meghan Markle prefers minimalism: the finest bracelets and chains, miniature jackets and studs, delicate rings. She acquires such jewelry herself, creating her own unique, light and practical style of a representative of the elite of society. In a short time, she was able to win the hearts of fashionistas all over the world and was even nominated for the World Fashion Award 2019 in the category “Style Icon” (however, then, according to the voting results, Jennifer Lopez bypassed her). But only public people who have significantly influenced the development of fashion can even qualify for the “Fashion Oscar”.

Family jewelry heirlooms of the royal couple

In the best traditions of the British royal family, to collect weighty jewelry with dozens of large diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Such jewelry is kept in the extensive collection of Elizabeth II. It is no coincidence that all solid-sized jewelry Meghan Markle received as a gift from Prince Harry.

  1. Engagement ring with three diamonds. They symbolize the unity of the past, future and present. The largest stone comes from Botswana, weighs 3 carats and has a cushion cut (four rounded corners and convex sides). Prince Harry took Megan to this African country 3-4 weeks after they met, where they celebrated her 36th birthday. By the way, Harry has a special love for Botswana – there, together with his father and brother, he came to his senses after the death of his mother. The side diamonds of the engagement ring previously adorned Princess Diana’s brooch. Harry himself developed the design of the jewelry, and made his jewelry workshop at the court of Queen Elizabeth II Cleave & Company.

  2. Welsh gold wedding band. The tradition of making wedding jewelry from the world’s rarest gold, found in North and South Wales, was laid back in 1923 by the future Queen Mother Elizabeth and King George VI. Welsh gold mining was completely stopped in 1999.

  3. Ring with emerald cut aquamarine. Prince Harry chose this piece of jewelry for Meghan Markle from his mother’s collection. The jewelry is made of yellow gold. The pale blue aquamarine weighs 30 carats and is surrounded by two small diamonds. Princess Diana ordered it after her divorce from Prince Charles and managed to wear it only a few times, and complete with a bracelet with 20 smaller aquamarines. Perhaps this piece of jewelry now belongs to Megan too.

  4. Ring-track for the birth of Archie’s son. It symbolizes eternity and, according to British tradition, is presented to special family dates. Most often they mean the birth of the first child. Prince William gave a similar ring-track to his wife Catherine for the birth of the heir to the British throne, George. Megan’s ring is adorned with a single track of miniature diamonds. The sophisticated jewelry fully meets the jewelry preferences of the Duchess of Sussex. From that moment on, three jewelry sparkles on the ring finger of her left hand.

  5. Ring of “eternity”. His design was developed by Harry himself and presented to Megan on the first anniversary of marriage. The gold ring is adorned with three precious stones, which symbolize the months of birth of three family members. Chrysolite – in honor of Megan, who was born in August, emerald – in honor of Archie’s son (May), sapphire – in honor of Prince Harry (September).

Meghan Markle has a special love for diamond paths on jewelry. For example, after the birth of her son, she slightly changed the design of the engagement ring. The traditional yellow gold bezel has been replaced with small diamonds inlaid. The ring now looks more sophisticated and sophisticated.

What rings does Duchess Meghan Markle wear?

Eclecticism: how the Duchess of Sussex combines jewelry

Eclecticism is understood as “a combination of the incongruous,” that is, a combination of jewelry made in completely different styles. And Megan Markle is a real pro in this, because she is subject to the secrets of the harmony of taste, when decorative elements of different classes are surprisingly combined. The Duchess of Sussex wears ultra-thin rings and a wide, patterned signet ring at the same time. The number of rings on her right hand often reaches four, and on the left there are always three of them. Most of the jewelry is of simple design, there are even casual novelties available to many from the collection of the famous British brand Missoma. These rings depict constellations and individual planets, which emphasizes her interest in horoscopes and sincere faith in the protection of higher powers.

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